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Top 5 Crypto Investment Methods You Need to Know in 2022

10-Sep-2022 Anirudh Trivedi
Top 5 Crypto Investment Methods You Need to Know in 2022


Today we are discussing some common yet effective crypto investment strategies that can be foundational to a successful crypto portfolio. From assessing your risks to making profits through arbitrage, we got all of them covered for you. Read the blog till the end to understand what it takes to become a successful crypto investor in 2022.

It does not take deep crypto knowledge to understand that cryptocurrencies have become a serious investment option. Many traditional investors are shifting towards crypto after witnessing Bitcoin’s rise. Consequently, a steep surge in crypto investments can be observed. 

This sudden rise in unregulated crypto markets can create uncertain situations for new crypto investors. When crypto tokens are at the peak of their volatility, vague investment strategies can negatively affect your portfolio. On the contrary, the right knowledge and effective investment strategies are viable solutions that can make crypto a better place to invest. 

In the article ahead, we are going to share some things that you should and should not do while investing in cryptocurrencies. We have also shared some investment methods that steer your crypto game in the right direction. 

Basics of Crypto Investments

There are tons of crypto investors that do not understand even the basics of crypto. This causes major trade swings in the crypto markets when it loses even the slightest trust. To ensure that our readers are well aware of the crypto basics, here is a quick summary of crypto investment fundamentals. These concepts will assist you in drafting a basic crypto investment outline. 

Understanding the Investments

Understanding your portfolio is a basic requisite for profitable investments. Holding on to the assets that we understand is much easier than holding crypto you know nothing about. Thus, learning the basics of blockchain and crypto functions can take you way ahead of your competition. You can use our rich library of blogs and news to understand the basics of cryptocurrency. 


Once you know the basics of blockchain, you may choose a crypto token in which you want to invest all your assets. However, putting all your eggs in the same basket can be a disaster for riskier investments such as crypto. The markets are fragile and can react aggressively to even the slightest of corrections. To avoid doom in these scenarios, make sure that your funds are diversified in a bunch of cryptocurrencies, reducing your risk substantially. 

Know Your Risk Appetite

If you are someone who can not bear a total portfolio crash, then the crypto investment might not be the best choice for you. However, if your risk appetite is on the higher end but you are not investing in cryptocurrencies, then you are losing the chance of investing in one of the most profitable investment options. 

To ensure that you are investing as per your risk appetite, you have to know it first. Find the money that you can spare after your safety funds, insurance, traditional investments, and other expenses. If you can still afford to invest in riskier investment options, invest in cryptocurrencies. Ensure that you are following the first two rules before investing in cryptocurrencies. 

Top 5 Crypto Investment Methods

Now that you know about the basics of crypto investments, we can proceed towards learning some of the finest crypto investment options. These methods can not only reduce your risks in the long term but also increase your overall profit-making chances. 

Rupee Cost Averaging

A time-tested method of avoiding risk in the long term is to invest regularly. When we are not investing at frequent intervals, we are only trying to time the market. On the other hand, regular investments average out the per unit cost of assets even during market fluctuations. Rupee cost averaging works on the basic principles of buying low and selling high. It allows you to buy more when the markets are low and less when they are high. 

One of the most common methods to avail rupee cost averaging is to invest in crypto SIPs. Systematic Investment Plans or SIPs make you invest at fixed intervals and dodge market volatility.


Making profits by leveraging the price difference of an asset in different marketplaces is called arbitrage. Traders buy the asset from the markets where the price is low and sell them immediately in the markets where prices are higher. One can gain substantial profits from arbitrage even when the trading margins are low. As with enough capital, arbitrage could be a highly profitable investment strategy.  

With an increase in trading volumes, investments are short-lived but impressively profitable. However, arbitrage is a high-risk investment strategy and should be dealt with caution. 

Value Investing

Blockchain is leading the FinTech innovation, with new projects emerging every day. Most of the projects are trend-driven and do not offer great value to their users. However, some projects are pure innovation and have the potential to change the entire ecosystem. Identifying such projects and investing in them at an early stage can give multi-bagger returns. 

Investing in the value of the projects instead of their current market price is called value investing. This requires a deep understanding of present market needs and an understanding of the value that the project is willing to offer. Value investing could be a perfect choice for those who are looking for long-term quality investment options.  

Profit Reinvesting

One of the most obvious ways of increasing your profits is to increase your investment capital. However, this is not possible if you cannot or do not want to invest more in the same asset class. This is where profit reinvesting comes into the picture. As the name suggests, profit reinvesting is the process in which you reinvest the earned profits in the same asset. 

Profit reinvesting allows you to increase your capital size without the need to invest more. This ensures that you earn a comparatively higher return on your already invested asset class. Profit reinvesting also cut down the market research as you’d be investing your profits in the same asset.

Balanced Portfolio

It might be intimidating to invest in the current trendy tokens but earning stable returns lies beyond the internet trends. As we develop an understanding of crypto investments, balancing out our portfolios must be our priority. A balanced portfolio is made up of the right proportion of safe and risky investment options.

Hitting the right balance in a portfolio can ensure that you are earning sufficient returns without compromising on its safety.

Assessing one’s risk appetite, future goals, and the short-term target is foundational to creating a balanced and personalized portfolio. Right asset allocation and picking up the right tokens to invest in, can assist you in building a strong investment strategy. 

Final Words

Cryptocurrencies are a good investment option for those who understand their strategies. New investors are joining and crypto markets are becoming the center of global trade. At this point in time, understanding the basic investment strategies can go a long way. 

Be it arbitrage or value investing, your crypto investments should not only be diverse but also personalized. The right assessment of risk aided by the right selection of assets can turn your portfolio upside down. 

We hope this article has helped you in learning the basics of investment strategies. What, according to you, is the best investment strategy for crypto? Share your views in the comments  below. 

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