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Vulcan Forged Navigating the Future of Blockchain Gaming

Key Takeaways
  • Vulcan Forged leverages Elysium's Layer-1 blockchain to drive innovative solutions in AI, metaverse, gaming, and NFT projects.
  • From VeriArti in 2019, Vulcan Forged has witnessed substantial growth, employing over 130 individuals globally.
  • Vulcan Forged operates a dual token system, utilising PYR and LAVA to power the ecosystem and reward gaming participation.
03-Jan-2024 Gunjan Sahu
Vulcan Forged Navigating the Future of Blockchain Gaming

From VeriArti to Vulcan Forged is Blockchain Success Story

Vulcan Forged, established in 2019 as VeriArti, has evolved into a growing blockchain enterprise with a focus on cutting-edge technologies. Anchored by Elysium, a Layer-1 blockchain catering to AI, metaverse, gaming, and NFT projects. Vulcan Forged encompasses Vulcan Studios, a seasoned blockchain game development team, and MetaScapes, a user-friendly Metaverse as a Service (MaaS) system.

With a strong presence in the blockchain space, Vulcan Forged possesses a large and expanding community, coupled with a top-5 NFT marketplace volume as of the second quarter of 2023. The company, initially founded by a team of two, has witnessed exponential growth, currently employing over 130 individuals globally. Operating a dual token economy featuring PYR as the primary ecosystem power and LAVA as the gaming token earned through participation in Web3 games, Vulcan Forged remains dedicated to advancing blockchain technology.

Unique Features of Vulcan Forged 

Elysium Blockchain: Vulcan Forged centres around Elysium, a Layer-1 blockchain designed for AI, metaverse, gaming, and NFT projects.

Vulcan Studios: The company houses Vulcan Studios, an experienced blockchain game development team committed to building a comprehensive ecosystem of PC and mobile Web3 games.

MetaScapes: Metaverse as a Service (MaaS): Vulcan Forged offers MetaScapes, a Metaverse as a Service system, providing a user-friendly interface and essential building blocks for creating immersive virtual worlds.

Exponential Growth: From its origins as VeriArti in 2019, Vulcan Forged has experienced substantial growth, now employing over 130 individuals globally.

Dual Token Economy: Operating a dual token system, Vulcan Forged uses PYR as the primary token powering the ecosystem and LAVA as the gaming token, earned through active participation in Web3 games.

Blockchain Dedication: Vulcan Forged is deeply committed to the blockchain space, using strong foundations to advance the capabilities and applications of blockchain technology.

Community and Marketplace Leadership: As of Q2 2023, Vulcan Forged owns a large and growing community, coupled with a prominent position as a top-5 NFT marketplace by volume.

Vulcan Forged is Providing Solutions to Challenges

Vulcan Forged has emerged as a solution to the persistent challenges confronting the Web3 gaming industry in its adoption of blockchain technology. Despite the growing enthusiasm for blockchain-based gaming and the metaverse, issues such as high gas fees, slow transaction times, scalability concerns, and a lack of user-friendly interfaces continue to impede sectoral growth.

In response, Vulcan Forged has meticulously crafted a comprehensive ecosystem designed to surmount these obstacles. This ecosystem comprises its own Layer-1 blockchain, Elysium, tailored specifically for gaming and the metaverse, alongside Vulcan Studios - a blockchain game development arm, and MetaScapes - a metaverse building service.

The adoption of Elysium as its blockchain backbone positions Vulcan Forged to offer faster transactions, reduced gas fees, and enhanced scalability compared to conventional blockchains. Elysium is purpose-built for the gaming industry, boasting low gas fees, high throughput, and carbon neutrality. The blockchain features advanced functionality for decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts, optimising protocols for gaming-related transactions, rendering them faster, more cost-effective, and efficient.

Elysium introduces dynamic NFTs that adapt based on gameplay or in-game events, enhancing player engagement. Being EVM compatible, Elysium welcomes projects employing custom ERC721s, and its marketplace supports such ventures. Employing innovative consensus mechanisms like Proof of Authority (PoA), Elysium ensures rapid transaction times and lower fees, guaranteeing a enhanced user experience.

Beyond blockchain infrastructure, Vulcan Forged has launched the Elysium launchpad to support innovative web3 projects, providing funding, marketing, and other essential resources. Elysium further provides an SDK, facilitating easy integration of projects with the blockchain, featuring decentralized asset ownership and player-driven economies.

Conscious of environmental impact, Elysium is designed to be carbon neutral, offsetting its footprint through eco-friendly measures like tree planting initiatives. Vulcan Studios is actively developing blockchain games, including VulcanVerse, Berserk, and Vulcan's Tower Defense, exemplifying the potential of blockchain gaming.

MetaScapes, Vulcan Forged metaverse builder, seeks to democratise virtual world creation, offering a user-friendly interface with AI integration for simplified design. The company envisions a future where MetaScapes builders can shape and terraform their land through hand gestures, expanding possibilities within the metaverse. In essence, with its groundbreaking offerings, Vulcan Forged stands poised to lead the evolution of blockchain-based gaming and the metaverse, emphasising low gas fees, rapid transactions, and user-friendly interfaces in its commitment to industry advancement.


In conclusion, Vulcan Forged's transformative journey from VeriArti to a leading blockchain enterprise exemplifies its dedication to cutting-edge technologies. With Elysium at its core, Vulcan Forged ecosystem, including Vulcan Studios and MetaScapes, addresses industry challenges, offering innovative solutions for blockchain-based gaming and the metaverse. The company's exponential growth, dual token economy, and commitment to advancing blockchain technology underscore its leadership in the space. As Vulcan Forged continues to pioneer advancements, it stands at the forefront of revolutionising the gaming industry, emphasising user-friendly interfaces, low gas fees, and rapid transactions to propel the evolution of blockchain-based gaming and the metaverse.

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