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What are Crypto and Blockchain Technology | CoinGabbar

06-Jan-2022 By: Pankaj Gupta
What are Crypto and Blockchain Technology | CoinGabbar

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that has come up lately in the world as a tool of exchange. Cryptocurrency does not have any physical embodiment and it uses cryptography to function. There's a limit to the number of units that can be produced. Cryptocurrencies work in a decentralized manner.

The blockchain which we all have heard about is a string of blocks that contains data. It is a published ledger that is made universally available. Each block contains some kind of specific information, the hash present on the block, and that of the previous block. The hash can be compared to how the fingerprint is. It recognizes a particular block and it's always unique like a code. Altering stuff inside the block will result in harsh changes. In other words, hashes are useful to detect changes in blocks. This ultimately generates a chain of blocks and this process makes the blockchain, which is employed in cryptocurrencies now.

What are the uses/applications of this technology?

Blockchain was developed due to a common opinion among those who believed the present banking system had many drawbacks. They regarded the banks as third parties and pocketing transaction fees as unnecessary, and they scoffed at the idea that payment validation and settlement could take up to five business days in cross-border transactions.


Some of the essential applications of Blockchain technology can be as follows -

1. Transfer of money

Blockchain technology was most importantly created to transfer funds from one person to another with the advantage of exclusion of any central authority. With blockchain technology, transactions are happening 24 hours and seven days a week. This advantage is due to decentralized power. Also, in comparison to banks, they're quicker.

2. Copyright protection for artists

Accessibility to the internet has grown substantially over the past years, this has increased the importance of copyright protection laws for creative content on the internet. Blockchain technology helps in enhancing the level of security provided for these digital assets. Transactions and deals will be transparent and also the creative artists would be provided with appropriate royalty for their work. Blockchain technology would work round the clock being digital.

3. Digital elections

Blockchain technology will help alleviate the fear associated with voting fraudulent activities. It will enable us to cast votes digitally, and at the same time being a transparent mode will notify the organizers about any changes on the digital network. Thereby it offers the combined benefit of providing easygoing and fraud-free methods so that elections are fair from bias.

4. Ownership transfer

The blockchain method just relies on digital codes and technology so all paper transactions are avoided in this. Be it purchasing a car or a house, or real estate, transactions, and transfers of ownership will be dealt with digitally. Blockchain stocks the ownership data on its digital network, enabling a transparent means of agreement signing. The document would be saved on the cloud forever.

What are the precautions to be taken?


Apply a combined strategy of security for digital wallets

Ever since the growth of digital currencies, online wallets have become a thing for hackers. Physical wallets should be utilized to safely keep most of a consumer's cryptocurrency, while only keeping a small amount of currency in the online wallet. As cryptocurrency evolves to become more mainstream, more conventional alternatives will come up in the market.

Strength of passwords to be used.

We must never use the same passwords in cryptocurrency accounts that we might have used for other personal accounts. Wherever and whenever possible, different passwords must be utilized. For those who have difficulty remembering their passwords, a well-trusted password manager can be used safely.

Choosing digital wallets wisely

All investors should carefully go through the pros and cons of using different digital platforms before they can fix one particular one to use.  They should make sure that these platforms have the best security methods like encryption and authentication. Using more than one cryptocurrency arena will be safer only if the possessors use several, complicated passwords for them.

To be aware of phishing attacks

With the advent of cryptocurrency in the market, hackers are now very keen to ransack login passwords. These phishing attacks usually appear on our mobile phones in the form of random messages or requests on social media platforms. Just like how antivirus software is essential for our desktop and laptop computers, in days world even our mobile phones and tablets need to be secured.

What can be the problems with the use of crypto

Despite what the view of the world is, cryptocurrencies are not money in the real sense. This is because in today's there are only a handful of products and digital arts which can be dealt with in cryptocurrency. It's not yet acknowledged as a mode of payment universally. Even though many cryptocurrency apps have been created and are being introduced to the world, they've not yet reached the point where they have been used widely and commonly in the community.

Firstly, for it to be legally accepted as a currency must be conferred that status under the laws prevailing. This kind of legal status is given to those currency modes which are very commonly used in the daily world.

Furthermore, to use cryptocurrencies in transactions, that kind of widespread networking infrastructure will have to be established first. This will require high-level computers, high-speed internet, and other connections in all places. At this moment in time, all this seems utopian to achieve, hence cryptocurrency to be utilized becomes difficult. 


Uprising doesn’t occur overnight, and blockchain crypto technology has yet to be refined and widely experimented. Die-hard supporters anticipate blockchain and cryptocurrencies to reinstate banks altogether. Others believe that blockchain technology will augment traditional economic infrastructure, rendering it more valuable.

Technology becomes dangerous when it brings the unknown. It is always better to keep up with the latest going on in order to be safe and relevant. provides valuable research and insights to its users about the latest in the Crypto World.


It persists to be seen to what extent banks adopt the technology. One thing is obvious, however, cryptocurrencies will indeed revamp the enterprise.