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What is BSC and how can it be integrated with the MetaMask?

27-Apr-2022 By: Pankaj Gupta
What is BSC and how can it be integrated with the MetaMask?

First of all, to know about the Binance smart chain 

we need to know… what is binance?

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange where users may trade and exchange their coins. It supports the majority of the most commonly bought and traded cryptocurrencies. Binance offers a crypto wallet in which traders can store their digital currency. The exchange also provides users with services that allow them to earn interest or transact with cryptocurrency.

BNB which stands for “Build and Build” was Founded in2017  byChangpeng Zhao With its vast choice of trading pairs and relatively cheap costs compared to competitors, Binance swiftly became one of, if not the, largest crypto trading platforms in the world. The site's previously lacked KYC (know your customer) constraints were also intriguing to some, however numerous KYC procedures have subsequently been added. Along with Which Binance blockchain was created.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a blockchain network built for running smart contract-based applications. BSC runs in parallel with Binance’s native Binance Chain (BC), which allows users to get the best of both worlds: the high transaction capacity of BC and the smart contract functionality of BSC. 

Today, also in the world ‘Metaverse’, the BNB Chain the use of the word ‘Meta’ means an "all-encompassing," or "a means to an end,” rather than an acronym for the Metaverse. hence the term MetaFi

So hold on, before delving further into the topic of Binance's smart chain we need to know what a smart chain is and what does it do?

A smart Chain is a smart contract-enabled blockchain network created with the aim of creating a decentralized financial (Defi) ecosystem and hybrid crypto environment, what it essentially does is enable Ethereum compatibility through which, it can build or migrate apps, tools, and other ecosystem components on the BSC network hassle-free and with ease.

It also has an interesting model where curiosity wonders to be based on a model of 21 validators with Proof of Staked Authority (PSA)consensus, which allows for quick block times and cheaper fees. Staking's most bonded validator candidates will become validators and create blocks. Security, stability, and chain finality are ensured via double-sign detection and other cutting logic.

Given the Binance exchange's possession over the Binance Smart Chain, it's difficult to separate assets issued on it from securities, including BNB. Transactions on BC burn BNB tokens on a three-monthly basis, according to a fee structure. Burns will continue till the supply reaches 100 million from the initial maximum supply of 200 million. BNB is a BEP-2 token, BC's native token stand.

As the native token, BNB has been used to pay transaction fees on BC, issuance charges for new assets, minting and burning costs, and other expenses. BNB is also utilized to power the BSC and for delegated staking on the authority validator. customers may also use BNB to pay trading fees on the exchange.

It does various functions to

Also for first-time readers, you may wonder….What is Metamask?

MetaMask is a browser extension designed to make accessing Ethereum's Dappecosystem easier. It also serves as a wallet for holding ERC-20 tokens allowing users to access services built on the network via the wallet.

With integration to meta mask wallet and app restoration in the pipeline and getting more upbraided with time and nector.

In layman's terms, MetaMask is a browser plugin that serves as an Ethereum wallet. The TheMetaMask wallet allows users to store Ether and other ERC-20 tokens. The wallet may also communicate with decentralized applications or apps.

 A free cryptocurrency and NFT wallet that comes as a browser extension or a mobile app to interact with the Ethereum network, BSC, or any other layer 2 networks.MetaMask lets you send or receive cryptocurrency, and also make direct transactions within the app.

Binance & MetaMask: How To Add Binance Smart Chain To MetaMask

In order to receive the benefits, the MetaMask wallet must be connected to the smart Chain. Here are the four easy steps to connect MetaMask to BSC.

          Step 1: MetaMask plugin download and installation & Wallet set-up

          Step 2: Wallet Configuration

          Step 3: Binance Smart Chain Network

          Step 4: Funding Your Wallet

          Step 1: MetaMask plugin download and installation & Wallet set-up

          If you do not own a wallet, the first thing that needs to be done is to download and install the Chrome extension of MetaMask.

          •Launch Chrome and navigate to the official Metamask website, then click"Download Now." • On the download screen, click "InstallMetaMask on Chrome with the help of certain tweaks."

          •Following installation, you'll be asked whether you're "New toMetaMask?" and given options like "Import Wallet" and"Create a Wallet."

          • If this is your first time using MetaMask, choose "Create a Wallet," otherwise, click"Import Wallet" for your secret recovery phrase.

          · When you choose the former, you'll be given a recovery phrase that you may use to gain access to your MetaMask account. With the integration of binance and crypto. The final stage in the wallet construction process will be the verification of this recovery phrase.

          Step 2: Wallet Configuration

          MetaMask, as previously stated, is used to connect to the Ethereum blockchain. To connect MetaMask to the Binance SmartChain DApps, however, some settings must be changed so that the wallet is focused on the Binance Smart Chain network's nodes.

          ·        Select "Network" from the Setting screen.

          ·        To manually install Binance Smart Chain (BSC), go to the upper-right area and choose "Add Network."

          ·        Now we may go to the Smart Chain test net and main net networks.


          NetworkName: Smart Chain

          NewRPC URL:


          Symbol: BNB

          BlockExplorer URL:


          NetworkName: Smart Chain - Testnet

          NewRPC URL:


          Symbol: BNB

          BlockExplorer URL:

          After saving the network, you'll observe that your denominations have been converted to BNB instead of ETH.

          Step3: Binance Smart Chain Network

          • Finally, you'll notice the BNB icon alongside your BNB balance.
          • The "Smart Chain" dropdown menu will be displayed in the upper-right corner.

          Thus, you've connected MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

          When you want to set it back to the Ethereum network, just select the "SmartChain" option and select "Ethereum Mainnet".

          Step 4:Funding Your Wallet

          Now that we've learned how to add Binance smart chain to MetaMask, it's time to make transactions using the Metamask wallet.

          • Get the contract address of the token and copy it.
          • Once you click on the address, you'll automatically be redirected to the BSCScan page and copy the contact address there.
          • Once again open MetaMask and click on "Add Token"
          • Paste the copied contract address in your MetaMask and select "Next"
          • Complete the process by selecting "Add Token" How to Add Binance Smart Chain to MetaMask.

          Do you need A Binance Chain Wallet to Link Binance Smart Chain to Meta Mask?

          To answer in one line: No, you don't need a Binance chain wallet to be able to add Binance smart chain to MetaMask. This is because the Binance chain wallet is just a wallet that supports the Binance Chain network.

          There are two ways to store your crypto assets on Binance Smart Chain-

          • Either use the Binance Chain Wallet or MetaMask
          • Or use the Binance platform (heads up: storing large amounts of crypto is not recommended)

          What Are the Benefits of Linking Metamask and Binance Smart Chain?

          There are multiple reasons to connect MetaMask to BSC, here are some-

          • By linking the two platforms, you enable yourself the possibility to access, explore and use all DApps on BSC
          • Transferring ETH, BNB among other currencies to the Metamask wallet becomes easier and smoother
          • MetaMask is one of the safest wallets with protected user data allows which enhances the control of assets

          Is ConnectingMetaMask to BSC Safe?

          You've completed the whole setup of integrating MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain. The essential question, though, is whether or not this is safe. After all, it's your tokens that are at stake. You'll lose the tokens you sent to the erroneous address, and retrieving them will be nearly hard.

          The good news is that linking MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain is risk-free. Because it supports EVM, it is simple to migrate projects from Ethereum.

          Despite the fact that MetaMask can support all EVM networks, it can only handle Ethereum and any ERC20 tokens that are based on or are a hard fork of the Ethereum blockchain with some additional settings.

          Even if it is secure, it does not imply you should be lenient when dealing with it.

          BSC in conjunction with MetaMask.

          When withdrawing your BNB tokens, keep in mind that you must always withdraw them as BEP20 tokens or you will lose all of your tokens. You will not lose your coins if you withdraw them as BEP2 tokens, but they will not have the needed functionality. For example, if you utilize them on dApps, they will not work since they lack that feature