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What is SolidityScan? Understanding Automated Smart Contract Audits

08 Nov 2022 By : Ashish Sarswat
What is SolidityScan? Understanding Automated Smart Contract Audits

As we are entering into the era of Web 3.0, plenty of changes in the software development mindset are getting more evident. General human morality favors the cause of decentralization and that is why blockchains are attracting more development professionals than ever before. New blockchain projects are hitting the market every day and taking the world towards a decentralized future.

The rate of blockchain development is only going to rise in upcoming years, creating the need to have automated assistance tools for Web 3.0 development. In light of these scenarios, we are going to review one such innovative blockchain development tool, Solidity Scan, that automates the process of auditing your smart contracts with a single click. 

So without further ado, let’s get started with understanding what are smart contract audits and how SolidityScan is changing the dynamics of this evolving market.

What are Smart Contract Audits

Smart contracts are those blockchain programs that validate and automate financial settlements on the basis of pre-defined instructions in their code. Smart contracts are immutable by nature and their transactions cannot be reversed once they are completed.  That is why thorough auditing of smart contracts is required before they are ready to be deployed on a blockchain network. 

This auditing in the smart contract programs ensures that they do not contain any loopholes that can be exploited post-deployment. Even a minute defect in the code can become the reason behind major blunders. 

To ensure that no such loopholes exist in smart contracts, professional developers and independent third-party organizations are hired to audit the entire code and suggest changes to improvise the overall security of the project. Security audits are a crucial part of blockchain development and any compromise on this aspect can land a project in big trouble.

What is Solidity Scan?

Examining all the code manually is not only tiresome for the auditors but also expensive for the projects to afford. Manual security audits are expensive and time taking, which makes them unscalable in times of mass blockchain development. 

To solve the scalability issues of smart contract security auditing, SolidityScan has come into the market with its automated one-click security audits. SolidityScan is aiming to fulfill the space of an automated assistant to developers, organizations, and security teams to enable agile development on a blockchain network. SolidityScan is based on scans for vulnerabilities in the code, creates audit reports, and suggests the changes that have to be made to mitigate those risks. 

Solidity Scan can integrate with your developmental processes as it is compatible with all the widely used tools of the industry. You can also customize your audits using specific triggers that make them compatible with your in-house security teams. SolidityScan security scores also allow the developers to share the progress of the project and keep the community updated. 

Solidity Scan Features

In this segment of the blog, we are going to share some of the basic features that SolidityScan has to offer to its users.

Complete Project Scans

Solidity Scan can audit all of your projects for bugs and loopholes that can potentially become a threat to the project in the future.

On-Chain Project Scans

Solidity scan can also scan those smart contracts that are already deployed on the blockchain network. These on-chain scans allow the developers to figure out the loopholes in projects and not repeat them in their own projects.

Creating and Publishing Reports

Keeping the community engaged at the time when a smart contract is being written is as important as anything else. One can share the developmental progress by sharing the audit reports. 

These audit reports are created automatically by SolidityScan and provide a detailed overview of the project to the user.

Official Integrations

Solidity Scan can also be integrated with different applications to ensure that the work does not get affected by new additions in the process. It can integrate with almost all the applications used by developers and product managers worldwide.

Future of Smart Contract Audits?

The use cases of decentralized finance are only going to increase with time and DApps will be facilitating this surge in demand. The rise in the need for blockchain applications will undoubtedly require more effective tools and agile auditing progresses. 

Tools such as SolidityScan are surely going to create a new market for independent security audits, assisting developers in all stages of the developmental process. Automation is the future and automation in security audits is only going to increase the trust in new blockchain projects.

We hope that this blog will give you a detailed insight into the processes of automated smart contract audits. Visit CoinGabbar to read more such interesting insights into the crypto market.