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What is the Honey bee club project in crypto and NFT spaces?

25 Apr 2022 By: Collins Jackson
What is the Honey bee club project in crypto and NFT spaces?

The Honey Bee Club is paving a new way for NFT projects!

Their mission is to help the preservation of bees on our planet through their NFT collection. They are building a community that actively assists in the preservation of the bees on planet Earth.

The Honey Bee Club is a new NFT metaverse project being introduced in the Crypto Ecosystem.

Motive and Theme

The theme of the project is HBC a hive of 10,000 honey bees that are on a mission to save their species from extinction. In the year 2043, the last bee colony in the universe was brought in front of humans and other beings by the Legendary Bees. The Legendary Bees seek help from humans to provide homes and shelter for the bees of the last bee colony while they formulate and execute a plan to save their species from extinction. How they intend to do that remains to be seen…

Founder and Creators

Till now there has been no information on who is behind the formation of the Honey Bee Club Official. But it is more or less predicted that they will have to come forward sooner or later to be unmasked as the Bored Ape Club members have been in past.

Objective and Aim

With the project kept in mind, they are on a mission to resist the call of extinction in the age of Retrospection for Bees. While this seems to be a hypothetical folk one can’t walk off the fact that things get harder in the sect for these bees in the return invasion of the crypto and getting their way back in NFT is the only thing they look up to for work and work and sect of trust.

Why is it trending?

When the honey bee is revealed, the keepers of this legendary bee will be rewarded with 5 Tesla Model 3 and 5 times 5000 USD ETH for their sacrifice and hard work.

5people who own these legendary bees will be rewarded with USD 5,000 in Ethereum. The remaining 5 people will be rewarded with a Tesla Model 3 or Ethereum worth $ 55,000. Your NFT buyers have a chance to win a Tesla Model 3 or $ 5,000 in Ethereum once the NFT is revealed.

Once the Queen Bee Club sells out in the first quarter of 2022, it will use its token, the Larvae Bee coin. Owners of 1 NFT from Honey Bee (NFT) and 1 NFT from Queen Bee NFT) receive 1 Larva Bee Coin per day, it is said the holders of 2 NFTs from each collection will receive 2 coins per day, etc.

NFTs are no longer a thing of the past but of the present and, more importantly, of the future. NFTs are becoming increasingly popular and generating news in the mainstream media. NFTs are one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency tokens that reside on the blockchain and cannot be copied. NFTs can be used to represent real-world objects like artwork and real estate. Tokenizing these actual tangible assets lets them be purchased, sold, and exchanged more effectively, while also lowering the risk of fraud.

The Honey Bee Club Roadmapforges a new way for NFT initiatives by demonstrating to the NFT community how investors and, in this example, the purpose of bee preservation can coexist. There will be several changes that will occur as a result of preparing the way.