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24 Hrs Crypto Update, 27 July: Crypto Continues To Trade Sideways

Key Takeaways
  • In the past 24 hours, cryptocurrencies such as LINK, XLM, and TRON have experienced a slight price surge
  • Top cryptos traded mixed in Asia amid Bank of Japan considering yield curve control policy change. Resilience persists, ignoring past macroeconomic events' impact
28-Jul-2023 By: Lokesh Gupta
24 Hrs Crypto Update
Indices LTP Change (%)
BITCOIN $29270 0.32%
ETHEREUM $1862 0.53%
Indices VALUE Change (%)
MARKET CAP $1.23 T 0.60%
TRADING VOLUME $31.80 B 18.46%
Indices LTP Change (%)
AVINOC $0.1535 45.29%
Dogechain $0.001221 37.00%
Kin $0.00002277 31.04%
Immutable $0.8249 13.70%
UMA $1.78 13.42%
Indices LTP Change (%)
Bounce Token $6.84 43.35%
Dynex $0.51 16.94%
OriginProcotol $0.1004 13.92%
Polymath $0.1226 8.27%
StrikeX $0.03992 7.91%

BTC and ETH steady; Altcoins show varied performance.

Bitcoin experienced a minor 0.5% drop, staying below the $29,500 mark. On the other hand, Ethereum also saw a similar decline, losing around 1% but maintaining its position above the $1,850 level. As for altcoins, the price action was varied, with some experiencing gains and others facing losses.

Major Events Around the World

In a recent development, the U.S. prosecutor filed a motion on Thursday to dismiss campaign finance charges against Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), the founder of the now-defunct FTX crypto exchange. This decision by the authorities has once again thrust SBF's donations to the Biden party into the spotlight.

Elon Musk, the esteemed owner of the renowned X social media platform (Twitter), has recently unveiled a new feature that has sparked a range of reactions among users. Known for his active engagement with the community, the billionaire entrepreneur promptly responded to a user named @cb_doge, who shared contrasting graphics of two versions of X: one featuring the familiar Blue checkmark for Twitter Blue users, and the other adorned with a sleek Black checkmark.

Gary Gensler, the Chair of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), skillfully evaded questions regarding the agency's next course of action in response to Judge Analisa Torres' Summary Judgment favoring Ripple in the XRP Vs SEC lawsuit. During an interview with Bloomberg TV, Gensler was directly asked if the SEC planned to appeal the ruling. However, he chose not to provide a clear answer.

COIN GABBAR Views: Is the Crypto market still trading in range bound after the FED decision? Could this be the calm before the storm? Will BTC manage to reach a new yearly high, or is it facing the possibility of a collapse? Stay tuned for the latest news at

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Disclaimer: Crypto is not regulated and can offer considerable risks. There may be no regulatory remedies available in the event of any losses resulting from price analysis. As a result, before engaging in any transactions involving crypto products, each investor must perform in-depth examination or seek independent advice.

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