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A leading Ethereum token is up 30% Due To Significant Update

25-Jun-2022 By: Shikha Jha
A leading Ethereum t

A leading Ethereum token is up 30% Due To Significant Update

Announcing new NFT initiatives rarely has an immediate effect on cryptocurrencies. In this context, Storj, an ETH token that was ranked 88 in terms of trading volume, immediately increased in value following the news.

Storj Price Skyrockets

The NFT update on Thursday gave the token a significant boost. The ETH token reached a high of $0.97, a price rise of 42.6 percent from the 24-hour low.

According to data from CoinGabbar, Storj is currently trading at $0.9273, up a startling 30.72 percent in the last day. Additionally, the market capitalization of the ETH token increased significantly, rising from $244 million to $370 million today.

The statement about large businesses using Storj to hold exclusive ticketing, gaming, music, and sports NFT assets caused the quick increase. The three newest NFT clients of Storj are Europa Labs, Ultimate Division, and AMUZED.

Storj New Clients

Ultimate Division is a soccer simulation and card collecting game, whereas Europa Labs is a rising star in web 3.0 tangible redeemable technology for NFT. The game enables players to assemble their own squads using NFTs in order to battle other players and earn Ultimate Division Tokens.

A smart contract makes it possible to print NFT player cards with randomly generated abilities, traits, and player images while also preserving game play information. Storj enables us to produce our NFTs in a more transparent, reliable, and trustworthy manner, according to Ruslan Azarov, CEO of Ultimate Division.

On the other hand, AMUZED enables music lovers to enjoy their preferred artists using NFTs. AMUZED needs a quick, inexpensive storage option so that users may gather their unique tokens for the first blockchain-based music manager game. In general, the business wants to compensate both musicians and fans.

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