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AI Models Like ChatGPT Threatens Journalism Jobs

Key Takeaways
  • The former Senior Director of Google News has predicted that AI models like ChatGPT could replace journalists.
  • Following this statement, senior officials from Google News have expressed concerns about the potential threat to the news industry posed by AI.
  • Concerns about the risks to jobs due to AI have been expressed by individuals in the past as well.
08-Feb-2024 By: Gunjan Sahu
AI Models Like ChatG

AI Poses Threat to Journalism Jobs, Warns Former Google News Director

Google News' former Senior Director, Jim Albrecht, recently stated that large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT could completely transform the news industry. He compared this potential transformation to the way the arrival of the World Wide Web in the early 2000s revolutionised the industry. Before the internet, people relied on news from newspapers and television, but now, web portals have taken precedence. Albrecht believes that AI models like ChatGPT can easily generate and rewrite news articles based on existing data available on the internet.

Officials from Google News suggest that ChatGPT can systematically align information obtained from various sources on the internet and present it as a news article according to specified orders. Recently OpenAI has launched ChatGPT 4  which is more advanced version of ChatGPT

Coin Gabbar raises concerns that although information is now accessible through LLMs like ChatGPT, doubts persist regarding the accuracy of the obtained information. These models utilise data from the internet, leading to ongoing uncertainties about the reliability of news and information. Recently, there have been instances where news generated by AI, including through chatbots, has sparked controversy. News was created and uploaded, going viral, with accurate locations but content created through AI chatbots.

Warnings Issued Several Times About the Danger of AI

This is not the first time warnings about the dangers of AI models, like ChatGPT, have been issued. Calls for regulations to control and monitor AI have been ongoing. Hollywood writers and actors previously protested against the use of AI in the film industry, and Elon Musk, along with 2600 others from the tech industry, signed a paper demanding a temporary halt to the development of updated versions of chatbots for a few months.

It's noteworthy that despite concerns, updated versions of AI models like ChatGPT continue to enter the market. Elon Musk, who has been vocal against AI, also launched his AI firm, xAI. Although demands for restrictions on artificial intelligence development have been made, no concrete action has been taken to curb or regulate AI systems.

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