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IBM CEO Predicts AI Could Replace 30% of Non-Customer-Facing Jobs

Key Takeaways
  • IBM may replace 30% of non-customer-facing back-office roles with AI over 5 years, but not HR roles requiring human judgment in the next decade
  • IBM will save significant expenses by halting hiring for potentially automated roles, with over $1 billion saved so far from AI-based automation
  • AI may create new jobs and take away others, requiring humans to pivot to new roles
02 May 2023 By: Simran Mishra
IBM CEO Predicts AI

IBM CEO says AI could take over 30% of Non-Customer-Facing roles in 5 Years; Tech-Savvy employees feel secure about Future

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna said that approximately 30% of the company's non-customer-facing positions could be taken over by artificial intelligence (AI) over the next five years. These positions mainly include back-office roles, such as those in the accounting and human resources departments. Krishna added that human resource roles that require human judgment would not be replaced by AI over the next decade. 

IBM is expected to halt hiring for these roles, which could potentially be automated, thereby saving the company significant expenses. The implementation of AI-based automation has reportedly already helped IBM save over $1 billion in business expenses and maintenance costs.

While some fear that AI may leave humans without work on a mass scale, many tech-savvy employees feel more secure about their future. Blockchain developers, Salman Arshad and Syed Ghazanfer believe that AI will only serve as a tool to increase efficiency and offer versatility.

Tech-savvy employees see AI as a blessing, not a threat, and predict new job opportunities in the future.

Arshad believes that AI tools like ChatGPT are a blessing and not the enemy of developers. According to him, ChatGPT can transform commands into a smart contract, auditing process, document, or white paper, making it easier for developers to meet company goals. Meanwhile, Ghazanfer believes that a combination of human input and ChatGPT can offer more versatility than a complete transition to AI automation.

Dominik Schiener, the founder of the IOTA Foundation, believes that AI will take away employment opportunities from humans, but AI and robotic processes will create new jobs. He predicts that humans will need to pivot to new roles that may look nothing like anything they’ve ever done before.

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