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Antpool Announces Intentions to Stop Supporting Ethereum Ethash, But Continue ETC Mining

29-Aug-2022 By: Ashish Sarswat
Antpool Announces In

The Bitmain-affiliated bitcoin mining pool Antpool has declared that after The Merge is put into effect, it will no longer manage ethereum accounts. In order to obtain the accumulated ether collected by Antpool, the mining pool is urging participating Antpool miners to add their ethereum withdrawal addresses by September 3.

After the merger, Antpool will stop supporting Ethereum.

The cryptocurrency mining pool Antpool informed users on August 27 that after The Merge, it will no longer maintain ETH assets. Customers who wish to receive any remaining ether produced by Antpool's ethereum mining operation must provide an ETH address before September 3rd. According to statistics, the ETH blockchain receives just over 1,000 terahashes per second (TH/s) of hashpower, and Antpool is the tenth-largest ETH mining pool in terms of hashrate.

Ethermine, which commands 263 terahash of hashpower versus Antpool's 17.9 terahash, is the greatest ETH mining pool in terms of hashrate. Ethermine also declared that it would stop mining a new PoW version of ETH and stop supporting existing ETH assets. The Merge comes with some censorship risk, according to Antpool, and the pool will disperse the remaining ETH it mined next month.

According to a statement released on Saturday by the mining pool company, "As ETH 2.0 (The Merge) comes with the possibility of censorship among different nations, Antpool will not be able to keep the user's ETH assets on the PoS chain." Antpool further stated that the pool "completely supports BTC, ETC and other PoWs coins" and that it "advocates decentralised proof-of-work invented by Satoshi Nakamoto."

The information comes after Antpool's declaration on July 26 that it has invested $10 million to support Ethereum Classic, as stated by the mining pool's CEO Lv Lei during Bitmain's mining conference (ETC). On August 26, 2022, at block height 15,817,701, ETC's hashrate achieved a new record high, reaching 39.58 terahashes per second (TH/s).

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