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Apple Pay now accepts Crypto payments in USDC

  • Apple Pay will support Circle USDC for select companies. Safari can be used to make app-based payments.

  • Apple Pay retailers can now accept Circle's USDC. Circle said the payments will be available for digital checkout.

Apple Pay now accept

Apple Pay will support cryptocurrency payments in Circle USDC for a limited number of companies. Payments are made through apps, though Safari is an alternative.

Select merchants on Apple Pay will now be able to accept cryptocurrency payments in Circle's USDC. According to Circle, the payments will be available for rapid checkout in usual digital payment mode. Both app-based payments and a Safari browser payment option will be available. Additionally, customers won't need to register for an account or complete out paperwork to access the feature.

Where Can I Use Apple Pay To Make USDC Crypto Payments?

The move reportedly targets crypto-native companies while allowing clients to purchase cryptocurrency with Apple Pay on their preferred exchange. Additionally, the partnership between Apple Pay and Circle Payments would permit payments from non-crypto clients. Given Apple's large market share, this would prove to be a significant development for increasing crypto usage. The stablecoin USDC also has a tremendous possibility to broaden its horizons with this integration. We are happy to inform that eligible businesses who develop with Circle will now be able to increase their sales by taking Apple Pay, a quick, safe, and private method of payment.

Crypto organisations like NFT marketplaces, crypto gaming, crypto exchanges, crypto wallets, and cross-border remittance providers would benefit from simple checkouts. Additionally, Apple's crypto support might be utilised for cheaper payment settlements. Additionally, this would benefit conventional firms that do not yet accept retail cryptocurrency payments.

How To Use Apple Pay To Access USDC Payments

Users must create a free Circle account and an Apple developer account in order to rapidly enable bitcoin payments. After that, the API interface may be used to access the Circle payments solution. According to the company, the integration is usable on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and other supported devices.

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