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Ariva Mentioned as Top Project Blockchain for Travel Summit in Dubai

29-Mar-2022 By: Simran Mishra
Ariva Mentioned as T

The Global Tourism Forum Blockchain forTravel 

Summit’’ was organized by Ariva Digital and World Tourism ForumInstitute and was supported by Dubai Tourism which attracted key stakeholdersin the tourism sector and top profile speakers. 

The core focus of the event wasto discuss how blockchain could reshape the tourism sector.

Former France President FrancoisHollande noted that blockchain technology provided an ideal ecosystem totake tourism to the next level. He added that blockchain and cryptocurrencywould help governments and private sectors retain important data and shapeinvestment plans in the tourism sector.
‘More accurate data created by blockchain andcrypto currency payment technologies will help governments and private sectorsto shape their investment plans and services on tourism effectively. ’Cryptocurrencieswill allow us to create a payment system that secures more than anything we arecurrently using. I think this system will evolveworldwide. Holland added.
He further noted that ‘’It’s all governmentsand head of states’ responsibility to make travel easier to access foreveryone. They need to develop all the conditions to facilitate not onlysubjects such as health, transportation and security but also new technologieslike blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Because these technologies can give ussome elements that allow us lower fees and more security to further supportmovement of travel’’.
Europe has taken the lead in terms ofblockchain regulations, which makes it ideal for blockchainadoption. Ismail Ertug, a member of the European Parliament, believes thata synergistic relationship would benefit all parties.
Jose Ramon Bauza, a member of the EuropeaanParliament, also revealed his hope that blockchain can transform differentsectors in the EU. As EU with its all members we should take our competitiveposition on blockchain. Blockchain is an opportunity. If you don’t see it youloose your time. The EU and its all members should take their competitive placeon blockchain and crypto currencies against other regions. The leader of the EUshould be advised well on these developments.
He further added that Blockchain is relatedwith almost everything that we see everyday about tourism. Can you imagine thatwhen we’re on a flight it can happen to us to loose our luggage… Thanks toblockchain, it can be avoided. Blockchain can help us in every single chain oftourism industry.

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