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Artemis Join Hands With Injective For Crypto Data Analytics

Key Takeaways
  • Artemis and Injective protocol joins to give better data services to its users
  • Artemis comprises four products to delve into deep crypto analytics.
  • Injective Protocol is a layer one blockchain which facilitates blockchain data analysis.
Artemis Join Hands W

Artemis and Injective Protocol Collaborate for Better Crypto Analytics

Artemis which is an Research and analysis platform for the crypto market who provides data and analytics related to crypto market has collaborated with Injective Protocol for giving institutional grade analytics to its users. The purpose of giving extensive data analytics to its users is to facilitate them with well informed decision about crypto market and crypto investment. 

Artemis: Providing Institutional-Grade Analytics

Delving into Blockchain Health Analytics :- Investors and users alike seek access to institutional-grade analytics for deep insights into blockchain health metrics. It offers essential tools and protocols to delve deeper into the ecosystem, providing access to vital metrics such as DEX volumes, daily active addresses, fees, and daily transactions.

Artemis Products:- It comprises four products - Terminal, Datashare, Sheets, and an API Plugin, providing users with access to essential metrics pertaining to Injective Protocol activity. These products empower users to attain a profound comprehension of emerging trajectories and fundamental well-being within the ecosystem.

Injective: Powering Web3 Finance Applications

Interoperable Layer One Blockchain:- It is a fast, interoperable layer one blockchain designed to power the best Web3 finance applications. With robust plug-and-play modules, developers can design diverse dApps, powered by the native asset INJ.

Prominent Investors and Incubation:- It incubated by Binance and backed by prominent investors including Jump Crypto, Pantera, and Mark Cuban, continues to expand exponentially, driving innovation and growth within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Artemis and Injective Collaboration: Implications and Benefits

Detailed Insights into Injective Ecosystem:- The collaboration between Artemis and Injective holds significant potential implications, as Artemis aspires to provide detailed insights into various dApps within the Injective ecosystem. This collaboration empowers users with requisite awareness and knowledge to contribute effectively to the larger chain.

Empowering Users and Institutions:- It empowers large institutions and users to make well-informed decisions concerning emergent trends in injective environments. By promoting transparency and effective communication, it facilitates acceptable value propositions within the community, fostering network growth and development.

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