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If AVAX Hits $100, How Much Will Your $100 Avalanche Investment Be Worth?

  • At $11.69, AVAX has a $3.6 billion market cap. Its price has been falling all year. AVAX lost 9.13% in 30 days and 25.84% in 60 days. Prices fell 89.76% year-to-date and 33.90% in the past three months (YTD).

  • Invest $100 in AVAX today. 8.55 tokens at $11.69 each. AVAX might be sold for $855 at $100. $100 would return 8.5x.

25-Dec-2022 By: Shailja Joshi
If AVAX Hits $100, H

AVAX reached an all-time high of $146.22 during the bull market of 2021. Some analysts think the following bull run will allow it to repeat this feat.

"An open, programmable smart contract framework for decentralised applications (dApps)," is how Avalanche advertises itself. This cryptocurrency and blockchain platform competes with Ethereum by aiming to develop a highly scalable blockchain without sacrificing decentralisation or security.

The Appeal of Avalanche

It boasts the cheapest smart contract deployment expenses. They assert that putting smart contracts into action on Avalanche costs one-tenth as much as doing so on Ethereum.

They position themselves as the platform free from front-running, high gas costs, and other drawbacks of slow smart contract blockchains.

The Avalanche blockchain uses smart contracts to support a variety of blockchain applications, and AVAX is the native token of this platform (just like Ethereum). The Avalanche blockchain enables near-instantaneous transaction processing through the use of incredibly adaptable virtual machines.

This open-source platform is used to create enterprise blockchain protocols and decentralised apps (dApps). Given that it is open-sourced, the platform's distributed ledger technology (DLT) is assumed to be totally open and accessible to everyone.

Future Avalanche Prospects (AVAX)

AVAX is trading at $11.69 and has a $3.6 billion market capitalization. Its price has been declining for the majority of this year. In the past 30 days, AVAX has lost 9.13% of its value, and in the past 60 days, it has lost 25.84%. Prices have fallen by 89.76% year-to-date and by 33.90% during the past three months (YTD).

AVAX reached an all-time high of $146.22 during the bull market of 2021. The value proposition provided by the Avalanche ecosystem is still basically the same as it was during the previous bull run, thus the AVAX can do the same during the forthcoming bull run.

What Would Your Earnings Be If AVAX Achieved $100?

Consider making a $100 investment in AVAX today. You will have roughly 8.55 tokens at the current price of $11.69 per token. You could sell the AVAX when it reaches $100 for about $855. The return on your investment (in this case, $100) would be 8.5x.

Similar to that, you would receive about 85.5 coins if you purchased $1000 worth of AVAX at the present time. If you sold your $1,000 investment for $100, it would be worth $8.554. By 2026, if AVAX reaches the $100 threshold within the following four years, you will have received a 71% annualised return on your investment.

Before making any investment decisions, it is crucial for anyone thinking about investing in AVAX or any other cryptocurrency to thoroughly research the asset and understand the dangers involved.

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