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BaFin addresses legal classification of NFTs as potential securities in Germany

Key Takeaways
  • BaFin is the regulatory body for financial markets in Germany
  • BaFin has addressed the legal classification of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in Germany
  • BaFin has stated that NFTs may be classified as securities and thus fall under the regulation of securities law in Germany
09-Mar-2023 By: Simran Mishra
BaFin addresses lega

BaFin, the German financial regulatory authority, has issued a statement addressing the legal classification of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in Germany

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority of Germany (BaFin) has decided to exempt non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from licensing requirements, citing challenges with their classification. In a recent statement, BaFin explained that it does not currently see how NFTs meet the criteria necessary for securities classification but may consider them as securities in the future if they embody repayment and interest claims.

BaFin emphasized a case-by-case approach to NFT classification, recommending that they be classified as "crypto assets." However, BaFin believes that the chance of NFTs being classified as a "crypto asset" is even smaller than with the investment classification, given the lack of immediate exchangeability and standardization. 

Due to the difficulties with classification, BaFin does not expect NFTs to comply with the licensing requirements of the Payment Services Supervision Act.

Despite the complexities of NFT classification, the market for NFTs is rapidly evolving, and collectors are purchasing NFTs for various reasons. According to a survey by the Metajuice metaverse platform, nearly 75% of NFT collectors purchase these digital assets for their status, uniqueness, and aesthetic appeal. Only 13% of survey participants reported buying NFTs with the intention of reselling them in the future.

BaFin's stance on NFT classification reflects the complexity of the issue and the need for caution and measured approaches to regulating this new asset class. As the market for NFTs continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how regulators like BaFin adapt to the evolving landscape and develop regulatory frameworks that balance innovation with investor protection.

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