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Binance Announces its Learn & Earn Course crypto

  • Binance is back with its second round of Learn & Earn Program.

  • Eligible users can earn free crypto by enrolling in the program.

  • Binance's “Learn & Earn Christmas Special” course will help you better understand Web3 & blockchain technology.

  • Not only Binance but also prominent information marketplace CoinGabbar, have launched initiatives to raise awareness in the crypto community.

Binance Announces it

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance 

has launched its second phase 

Of the "Learn & Earn Program" after successfully completing the first phase, which was launched in March 2022.

Binance launched this program to educate users and individuals about the usage of Web3 and blockchain technology in their daily life. According to Binance, “having a fundamental understanding of crypto assets and blockchain is becoming increasingly vital, particularly in the tech industry.”

So to continue the chain of educating individuals, this festive season Binance launched the next round of the program aka “Learn & Earn Christmas Special.”

Nothing has changed in the second phase of the program; you can earn crypto assets by reading articles, watching short videos, and winning quizzes xrp price. The program will offer you two of the most important things at the same time: knowledge and money.

Points to Remember:

  • The program is already live on the Binance official website and it last till December 21. 

  • Individuals who wish to participate in the event must be KYC-verified.

  • Eligible users will be awarded a predetermined amount of BNB, BUSD, ALGO, POLYX, or tokens from other projects depending on the course or quiz they finish.

  • Please keep in mind that each course can only be completed once, and each user is only eligible for one reward per completed course.

  • Users who have never enrolled in Simple Earn Locked Products before Dec 07 are eligible for the POLYX reward.

  • The rewards are limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • There will be limitations on the number of rewards accessible to qualified users per country/region.

Binance reserves all the rights related to the program, like the right to terminate the event at any moment and to eliminate any users who are determined to be engaging in misconduct.

This is not Binance's first initiative; earlier, the company launched a number of projects to increase public awareness and adoption of blockchain technology.

However, not just Binance but leading Indian crypto information marketplace CoinGabbar also launched several initiatives to aware the community regarding these emerging technologies.

CoinGabbar's Crypto Community Awareness Initiatives

CoinGabbar is a leading information and research marketplace in the Web3 and crypto space. The platform offers market updates, informational blogs, crypto price updates, research papers, and so on.

Recently, CoinGabbar has successfully completed its first mega giveaway of 1 trillion BabyDoge coins. But that's not all; in just a few days, the company launched its second mega giveaway of one trillion QUACK coins. The Rich Quack giveaway is still live on the CoinGabbar platform; you can win millions of coins by following a few simple steps; to know how to participate in the giveaway 

In addition to giveaways, CoinGabbar also launched the GabbarMystry program, which allows users to win interesting prizes directly into their crypto wallet. The project offers users the opportunity to win $10 every day to learn how to participate.

This is just a small sampling of CoinGabbar initiatives; the leading exchanges have many more on the list. For additional information, feel free to visit, and you can also follow CoinGabbar on social media to stay updated about such exciting programs.

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