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Binance LUNC Burn Returning With Luna Classic Proposal?

Key Takeaways
  • The Terra Luna Classic community approved Core Developer Edward Kim's "Upgrade v1.1.0" proposal, restoring the Binance LUNC burn procedure.
  • The price of Terra Luna Classic has lowered as LUNC burns have declined in recent weeks.
26-Feb-2023 By: Rohit Tripathi
Binance LUNC Burn Re

The Binance LUNC burn procedure is reinstated as a result of the Terra Luna Classic community approving Core Developer Edward Kim's "Upgrade v1.1.0" proposal.

As of March 1, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance, openly presented several conditions to the Terra Luna Classic community in order for it to continue using its LUNC burn mechanism. Three important recommendations were as a consequence agreed by the Terra Luna Classic community, ensuring the return of Binance's LUNC burn campaign to reduce supply.

The "Upgrade v1.1.0" Proposal 11367 by core developer Edward Kim is currently up for discussion in the Terra Luna Classic community. A tax exemption list, a burn tax split, a prohibition on reinstating the burn wallet, and necessary security updates are among the components of the proposal for the Terra Classic blockchain that have been approved by governance.

The recommendation for a software update is a response to three crucial recommendations. The ideas 11358, "Wallet Exemption to On-chain Tax," 11359, "Separate Burn Wallet Exempt from Seigniorage," and 11360, "Burn Tax Divided to Community Pool," are included in this package.
According to the most recent vote results, Proposition 11367 has already won. The proposal received 99.96% of the vote. That suggests that Binance will make the necessary improvements with a forthcoming upgrade on February 28.
The blockchain for Terra Classic will be stopped at block height 11,734,000 on or around February 28. All nodes and validators must update to the most recent upgrade version, v1.1.0, in order to continue performing their respective functions on the network.
Terra Luna Classic's (LUNC) value declines Following Binance Burn
In recent weeks, LUNC burns have dropped, which has decreased the price of Terra Luna Classic. Yet, despite the sharp decline in the cryptocurrency market as a whole, the price of LUNC has recently displayed a slight rising trend.
A mere 1% growth in price has occurred in the past day for LUNC, which is now trading at $0.00016139. Moreover, the trade volume increased by 5% over the previous 24 hours.
The LUNC price, in contrast, has greater velocity than other cryptocurrencies as the upgrade draws near. The price of LUNC is expected to rise following the Binance LUNC burn scheduled for March 1.

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