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Binance Pool Joins Top Mining Firms To Support ETC

09-Sep-2022 By: Shailja Joshi
Binance Pool Joins T

Binance’s mining pool Binance Pool announced on Thursday 

(September 8) that it will support Ethereum Classic (ETC) as Ethereum transitions to proof-of-stake (PoS) after the Merge. 

Furthermore, until October 9, Binance Pool is offering "zero" mining costs for ETC mining.

Binance Pool is one of the world's top mining pools. Currently,  Binance Pool is the seventh-largest mining pool for ETC mining and the 12th-largest mining pool for Ethereum. As miners become outdated following the Merge, the mining pool will offer ETC mining.

In order to entice miners to use their mining pool for ETC mining, Binance Pool is offering zero fees for ETC mining from September 9 to October 9. Users must provide their identifying information in order to participate and collect rewards in their mining account.

Users can apply for VIP membership by sending an email to to enhance their hashrate level. Also, users can benefit from VIP membership discounts.

According to the official announcement, the terms and conditions empower Binance to terminate any participants who commit fraud. Furthermore, Binance has the right to cancel or change the offer or its terms.

Other mining pools that support Ethereum Classic include Ethermine, Antpool,, and F2Pool (ETC). Some are even providing “zero” mining costs for ETC mining. has opened an ETC mining pool, which provides three months of fee-free ETC mining. In the meanwhile, F2Pool, the largest ETC mining pool, has invited miners to ETC, RVN, CFX, and other currencies. Until September 30th, F2Pool is charging "Zero" commission costs for ETC mining.

ETC Price Breaking Records

The price of Ethereum Classic (ETC) has risen significantly, and the hash rate has reached its all-time high. With the Merge taking place between September 13-15, the price of ETC is expected to surge as miners move to Ethereum Classic.

In the last 24 hours, the ETC price has increased around 8.5%, with the current price trading above $36.3. Meanwhile, the price of Ethereum (ETH) is $1,627, up 8.25% in a day.

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