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Michael Saylor: Bitcoin Enhances Cyberspace Security with "Cause and Consequence"

Key Takeaways
  • Michael Saylor suggests that Bitcoin can help combat cybersecurity threats like deepfakes caused by artificial intelligence.
  • Decentralized identities (DIDs) are seen as a solution to address digital trust issues and enable secure information exchange.
  • MicroStrategy, Worldcoin, and Polygon are actively working on improving digital trust and developing tools for decentralized identification to tackle these challenges.
29-May-2023 By: Aditi Tiwari
Michael Saylor: Bitc

According to Michael Saylor, who works at MicroStrategy, Bitcoin could be a solution to fight against cybersecurity problems caused by artificial intelligence, like deep fakes. 

He explained that there are lots of fake accounts on social media that create conflict and hate among real users.

Saylor is worried about the risks in cyberspace. He thinks that as AI and other technologies get better, it will become easier and harder to detect deepfakes. He noticed that his Twitter account gets about 2,000 fake followers every day, and this made him realize that something needs to change.

To fix these problems, Saylor thinks that decentralized identities (DIDs) could help. DIDs are independent and secure identities that people control, so they can share information safely.

Saylor believes that by using cryptography and decentralized crypto networks like Bitcoin, it would become more expensive and harder to do fake things, like creating fake accounts. This would make people think twice before doing something wrong.

Enhancing Digital Trust: MicroStrategy, Worldcoin, And Polygon Tackle Online Challenges

MicroStrategy, the company where Saylor works, is trying to make digital trust better for social media users and companies. They are working on special codes to protect information. Another person named Sam Altman is also working on a similar project called Worldcoin. They want to prove that someone is who they say they are by using crypto. Worldcoin recently got $115 million to help them make tools for decentralized identification.

Polygon is another company that has already started solving this problem. They made a special way for people to prove their identity online without sharing personal information with others.

To sum it up, Saylor thinks that Bitcoin and decentralized identities can help fight against problems with AI and fake things online. By using these technologies, it would become harder and more expensive for people to do bad things online. MicroStrategy, Worldcoin, and Polygon are working hard to improve digital trust and solve these problems.

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