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Bitcoin And USD Will Work Together In Future Transactions, Says Michael

Bitcoin And USD Will

Michael Saylor, a former Microstrategy CEO, made some intriguing remarks on Saturday at the Bitcoin-only Baltic Honeybadger 2022. 

Although the Dollar would still be utilised in the near term, he claimed that people would have to rely on Bitcoin in the long run. He predicted during the European Bitcoin-only conference that Bitcoin would eventually function more as a store of value than a medium of commerce. Given that this opinion comes from one of the most ardent Bitcoin supporters, it gains significance.

Future of Bitcoin in Transactions, by Michael Saylor

The millionaire said that 8 billion people have property rights in Bitcoin. The demand for non-custodial wallets that make it simple for customers to utilise both Bitcoin and stablecoins is urgent, he claimed. Saylor said that it might be difficult to convey the history of Bitcoin to a wide audience. His remarks at the Baltic Honeybadger conference in 2022 could significantly increase the uptake of cryptocurrencies in Europe.

According to Michael Saylor, the Dollar would spread over the lightning network without a guardian. Lightning is the most significant development in technology right now.

BTC and USD will coexist.

The previous CEO of Microstrategy predicted that the demand for USD will increase globally in less than 4 years. However, Michael Saylor argued that over time, people will require Bitcoin. For the short to medium term, BTC will serve as a store of value and the dollar will serve as the means of trade. Saylor predicted that educational information on social media, rather than books specifically, will be the main driver of cryptocurrency adoption. "TikTok, YouTube, and video are what go viral. Short videos can be educational.

The CEO of Microstrategy's supporter recently resigned from his position. The action was intended to counter Saylor's change in emphasis to cryptocurrency. The billionaire has already voiced enormous optimism about the future potential of Bitcoin on a number of occasions. He even predicted that BTC might pass the $1 million milestone in a matter of years. According to price monitor CoinGabbar, Bitcoin is currently trading at $19,750, down 2.4% over the last 24 hours.

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