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Chain Link Token’s Last Week Price Surged 61%: What's up?

Key Takeaways
  • Chainlink's LINK token has surged by an impressive 61.3% from October 20 to October 25.
  • The causes of the rise include native staking upgrades, integration into blockchain networks, Vodafone partnerships, increased interest in bitcoins, and more.
  • As the ecosystem continues to evolve and expand, LINK investors can anticipate a promising journey ahead.
28-Oct-2023 By: Surabhi Uprit
Chain Link Token’s L

Why Chain Link Token’s Price Up by 61% Last Week

Chainlink's LINK token has recently experienced a significant price rally. It surged by an impressive 61.3% from October 20 to October 25. This rally pushed LINK to a peak of $11.78, its highest point since May 2022. Despite maintaining around $10.50, many are curious about the sustainability of this newfound level. Let’s know what the driving factors are.

What caused the rise in Link’s Value?

  1. Successful Native Staking Upgrade: Chainlink's upcoming native staking upgrade caused great attention! The initial staking pool's success filled up in less than three hours. The promised expansion with enhanced security and dynamic rewards made it a great deal.

  2. Inclusion of so Many Blockchain Networks: Chainlink's integration into various blockchain networks has increased optimism among investors. These include partnerships with Advanced Crypto Strategies, DAO, Equilibria, Cobo Global, StaFi Protocol, Thales Market, and Xena Finance.

  3. Shaking Hands with Vodafone: Telecom’s Superhero Vodafone's joined as a node operator within the Chainlink network. It signaled trust. This followed a successful proof-of-concept with Sumitomo for cross-platform trade document exchange. For reference, Sumitono is a Japanese trading and investment company.

  4. Dissipation of Fears: As concerns circulated about the sale of FTX and Alameda Research cryptocurrencies, LINK's price faced some tough times. However, these concerns are fading away. Recent transfers from wallets tied to the bankruptcy situation didn't really affect LINK's prices.

  5. Increased Interest: Bitcoin's value rose above $32,000 on October 23. Tyhia's renewed interest in mid-capitalization altcoins, including LINK, emerged. This led to higher demand for leveraged long positions in LINK, as indicated by a positive funding rate.

  6. Active Addresses Surge: The number of active addresses within the Chainlink network reached an 11-month high. This showcased a vibrant and growing community. The previous price peak was followed by a significant drop, but the current scenario offers more promise. This is due to ecosystem developments and Chainlink's native staking solution. This positive momentum indicates a bright future for LINK and the Chainlink network.

What's Next for LINK Investors?

This surge in LINK's value reflects growing enthusiasm for digital assets. Chainlink's role within the cryptocurrency space is increasing. As the ecosystem continues to evolve and expand, LINK investors can anticipate a promising journey ahead. This might include further developments, partnerships, and value appreciation. This will surely be an exciting asset to watch in the crypto market.

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