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Coinbase Announces 3 New Token Listings

  • Coinbase will publish three more altcoins in 2023, according to recent tweets.

  • Only the cryptocurrencies that an exchange like Coinbase wants to support in the near future on its platform are included to its roadmap.

Coinbase Announces 3

In line with the most recent tweets, Coinbase intends to launch 

Three additional altcoins in 2023 as part of its listing roadmap.

Three additional currencies have been added to Coinbase's listing roadmap for their cryptocurrency exchange, according to a recent release. This announcement follows the exchange's initial concept of serving as a link to Web3. The listing is expected to be live within the next three weeks, though the exact date has not yet been made public.

Tokens Will Be Added To Coinbase

The San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange is adding three additional altcoins to its list of tradable assets. The new additions include the ERC-20-based coins Threshold (T), Axelar (AXL), and Audius (AUDIO), which operate on its own network. After the announcement, the three digital assets saw a modest price boost. AUDIO is currently trading at $0.20, up 6.30% in the last day. Threshold (T), which is currently trading at $0.03, increased by a staggering 34% over that time. AXL, on the other hand, is down over 9% at $0.58 following the news.

Additionally, Coinbase declared that they would be removing NuCypher (NU) and Keep (KEEP) off their exchange because on January 1, 2022, both digital assets underwent a decentralised on-chain merger to form the Threshold Network. The T token functions as both a management token for the Threshold DAO and a utility token on the Threshold Network.

Details of a Coinbase listing

An exchange like Coinbase only adds the cryptocurrencies that it plans to support in the near future on its platform to its roadmap. However, transfers and exchanges of these assets are not yet supported until an official listing is made. Despite the fact that Coinbase states that coins on the roadmap list may still be removed or may not be included at all due to a variety of different reasons, certain coins do eventually end up being added to its list of supported crypto assets. The plan was created with the goal of reducing insider trading and enhancing transparency surrounding Coinbase's listing procedure.

The cryptocurrency known as KAVA, which powers Kava's Web3 network, only recently joined the roadmap but debuted on Coinbase's trading platform on January 18.

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