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Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Believes AI Should Not be Regulated

Key Takeaways
  • Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, while sharing his views on Artificial Intelligence (AI), has said that it should not be regulated.
  • Instead of regulating AI, Brian Armstrong talked about developing the AI sector as soon as possible due to reasons like national security.
  • Apart from Brian Armstrong, other tech experts and crypto world personalities have been demanding the regulation of AI. Elon Musk's name is also included in these celebrities.
23-Sep-2023 By: Rohit Tripathi
Coinbase CEO Brian A

Brian Armstrong believes AI should not come under Regulation

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong shares his thoughts on Artificial Intelligence (AI). For this, he took the help of social media platform X (earlier Twitter). Armstrong said in one of his posts on X that AI should not be regulated. He further said in his post that due to reasons like national security, instead of regulating the AI sector, it is necessary to develop it as soon as possible. He further said that regulation of AI will eliminate its innovation and competition. Giving an example of the Internet, he said that there was never any regulation on the Internet and software, due to which we were able to see the golden age of innovation in them. 

The CEO of Coinbase suggested that this should also apply to AI technology. Brian Armstrong also gave an option for regulation in terms of the security of the AI sector. He said that it would be better to decentralize AI and make it open source so that we can come out of the crisis. Let us tell you that recently, lawmakers around the world have expressed concern about the possible effects of AI, and governments around the world are continuously demanding regulation of AI.

All Countries are Moving Towards AI Regulation

Currently, countries around the world are moving towards regulation of AI. While China has recently talked about making a law in the direction of AI regulation, the UK is also taking steps in this direction. The Prime Minister of India has also expressed his views regarding regulating AI during the G20 Summit.

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