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CoinDCX Proof-of-Reserves Live Only On CoinGabbar: Building Trust

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CoinDCX Proof-of-Res

CoinDCX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, 

Has come together with CoinGabbar to release its Proof-of-Reserves to achieve ultimate transparency in its operation.

Trust is something you cannot compromise on when it comes to cryptocurrency and CoinDCX, India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, understands this very well. The recent market events have highlighted the dire need for transparency and investor protection in crypto markets. 

Amidst these challenging times, CoinDCX has come forward as a torchbearer of trust in the global crypto space by releasing its complete Proof-of-Reserves & Proof-of-Liabilities reports live for its users. 

CoinGabbar is proud to announce that after diligent collaboration with CoinDCX’s team, we integrated CoinDCX’s entire Proof-of-Reserves on our platform. 

With this, CoinGabbar has become India’s first crypto marketplace to release complete Proof-of-Reserves reports of an exchange. CoinGabbar celebrates the spirit of transparency and trust in the crypto ecosystem and we are willing to go the extra mile to ensure all crypto investors are secured. 

CoinDCX’s audit reports ensure that they are financially sound and all the investor funds stored in the exchange are 100% secure. CoinDCX has 1:1 assets backed with zero fractional reserve operations, making it India’s first crypto exchange to make all of its holdings 100% transparent. 

CoinDCX’s Proof-of-Reserves are Live on as of 15th December at 6:00 PM IST. Users can visit CoinGabbar and see the entire holdings of CoinDCX with ease. Users can read CoinDCX’s official declaration here.

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