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The community mocks the board game Monopoly with the theme "Go to jail"

11-Sep-2022 By: Simran Mishra
The community mocks

The Celsiusopoly board game costs $99, and the 

American e-commerce company offers free shipping to residents of the United States.

A new Monopoly board game with a Celsius theme called "Celsiusopoly" has appeared on a US-based online e-commerce platform, and the crypto community is having a field day criticising it.

The board game with a Celsius theme was launched by Stephanie Martin, the marketplace's head of sales and partnerships. Martin asserted that the Monopoly spin-off required "months and months" of arduous development and construction.

The price of the board game Celsiusopoly is $99.00, and it appears that some sales have already been completed. Others argue that the money made from the board game sales should go toward "making depositors whole," and one user sarcastically questioned whether Celsius' CEO would be the only one going to jail.

The Celsius emblem, along with the phrase "Do good," is positioned in the board game Celsiusopoly's centre. The phrase below appears to be a reference to a tweet from Alex Mashinsky, the Celsius network's creator and CEO, from January 2021.

Along with a board, box, and play money with a Celsius theme, the game also comes with matching-themed reward and interest, property, customer care, compliance, loan, and development cards. A die and instruction book are also included. Images of the purported board game don't feature any Hasbro Gaming branding, which suggests that it might not be a legitimate Monopoly board game.

The bitcoin lending platform Celsius filed for bankruptcy on July 13 as a result of a protracted liquidity situation and numerous customer withdrawals that were halted. The bitcoin lending company recently filed a motion to release $50 million of the $225 million held in the Custody Program and Withhold Accounts to owners, reopening withdrawals for a small number of consumers. While residents of the United States can receive free shipping on the new Monopoly board game with a Celsius theme, there is no return policy.

A CoinGabbar effort to purchase the board game on the market seems to succeed, indicating that this might be a genuine item that people can buy.

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