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Crypto Daily Roundup, 19 Feb: Bitcoin Pauses, Altcoins Soar

19-Feb-2024 By: Lokesh Gupta
Crypto Daily Roundup

Crypto prices experienced a surge over the past 24 hours

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Crypto News Key Highlights:

  • Amidst the buzz surrounding OpenAI’s Sora launch, AI-based tokens like GRT, NEAR, and AGIX surged, garnering global attention. Sora's debut showcased AI's advancement, propelling these tokens. The bullish sentiment, fueled by expectations of an Ethereum ETF and Bitcoin halving, also contributed to the broader crypto market's uptrend.

  • Ethereum (ETH) briefly surged over $2,900 on Monday, reigniting community interest ahead of the upcoming Dencun upgrade. Vitalik Buterin's discussion on AI's potential integration in crypto, particularly for code verification and bug fixing, adds to the excitement. The Dencun upgrade, set for March 13, introduces Verkle trees for improved staking user experience.

  • Worldcoin's WLD token surged to $7.44, marking a 44% daily increase and a 185.8% rise in a week, according to CoinGecko. The surge began on February 15, coinciding with OpenAI's Sora launch. While unrelated, Worldcoin's connection to Altman, OpenAI's co-founder, likely attracts traders seeking exposure to OpenAI's growing influence.

  • Fixed Float, a decentralized exchange, suffered a $26 million crypto scam, losing 409 BTC and 1,728 ETH. Most stolen ETH was swiftly moved to another exchange. Initially downplaying issues, Fixed Float transitioned to maintenance mode. Investigations are ongoing, but users criticize the platform, questioning its security measures and labeling it a scam.

  • Japan proposes regulatory amendment allowing venture capital firms to invest directly in crypto projects, aiming to boost domestic investment in Web3 startups. The reform seeks to diversify VC portfolios, foster innovation, and reduce reliance on foreign funding. Stakeholders anticipate a transformative impact on Japan's digital economy and cryptocurrency sector.

  • Chiliz's CHZ coin sees a surge with market cap crossing $1 billion. Partnering with K-League, South Korea's football league, Chiliz integrates blockchain for fan engagement and introduces "K-League Fantasy." K-League becomes a node validator, ensuring blockchain integrity. This collaboration sets new standards for sports-tech integration, enhancing fan experiences globally.

  • Australian cybercrime officer accused of stealing 81.616 Bitcoin during a steroid trafficking probe. William Wheatley allegedly took a Trezor wallet worth $450,000. Charged with dealing with crime proceeds and dishonesty. Cybercrime unit traced withdrawals to Wheatley's bank. Denies allegations in court, claims case is circumstantial.

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