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Crypto Daily Roundup 04 Jan: BTC Takes a Dive Amid ETF Report Turmoil

04-Jan-2024 By: Lokesh Gupta
Crypto Daily Roundup

Cryptocurrency prices have decreased during the previous 24 hours.

TOP 5 Losers Coins

Indices LTP Change (%)
MultiverseX $57.45 18.06%
Theta Network $1.17 17.44%
Terra Classic $0.0001183 15.84%
Filecoin $6.37 15.59%
SATS $0.0006764 15.07%

Crypto News Key Highlights:

  • Matrixport's recent forecast predicts the SEC's rejection of spot Bitcoin ETFs in January, potentially causing Bitcoin to plunge to $36,000. The report suggests protective measures like purchasing put options or shorting Bitcoin. Matrixport advises traders to hedge their exposure amid a looming January 5 deadline but maintains a positive long-term outlook, anticipating Bitcoin to end 2024 above $42,000. Despite a 5% price drop to $43,000, historical trends and mining cycles contribute to optimism.

  • Global crypto exchanges in India must undergo FIU registration for AML and KYC compliance. Non-registration under the PML Act results in legal consequences, impacting operations. FIU registration builds trust, signaling commitment to transparency and regulatory compliance. Exchanges tackle anonymity and regulatory challenges through improved KYC, technological investments, and international collaboration for seamless registration.

  • CoinShares' report highlights a crypto investment product surge in 2023, seeing $2.25 billion inflows, marking the third-largest year since 2017. Bitcoin dominated with $1.9 billion, 87% of total flows. The U.S. lagged with $792 million, while Germany led with 22%. Blockchain equities also rose 109%, attracting $458 million. The positive trend reflects renewed interest fueled by regulatory developments and growing investor confidence.

  • World Funds Trust recently filed for 6 spot BTC ETFs with the SEC, featuring leveraged and inverse variations, intending to utilize Blackrock's proposed iShares Spot Bitcoin ETF. Despite entering later, these filings, alongside Blackrock and others, anticipate SEC approval between January 8-10, 2024.

  • US government's Bitcoin holdings have surged to $8.3 billion, boosted by seizing 70,000 Bitcoins from Silk Road. In contrast, MicroStrategy holds 189,150 BTC. Less than 5% of seized bitcoins have been sold, generating $640 million. Further sales are anticipated, potentially exceeding $17.4 billion if retained. China, seizing 195,000 BTC in 2020, could rival the US if holdings remain unsold.

  • Fidelity filed with the SEC for a spot Bitcoin ETF, introducing uncertainty over crypto's securities or commodities classification. The filing covers shares of Fidelity Wise Origin Bitcoin Fund, offering indirect exposure to Bitcoin in traditional markets. Goldman Sachs is reportedly discussing becoming an authorized participant with BlackRock and Grayscale. Speculation surrounds potential SEC spot ETF approval announcements between January 8-10, 2024. Fidelity and Bitwise's ETFs were listed on the DTCC's active and pre-launch roster.

  • Tron founder Justin Sun reportedly transferred around 50 million USDT to Binance during a market downturn. The move, part of a larger activity involving $439.5 million in the past month, sparked speculation that Sun might be capitalizing on lower crypto prices.

  • The SEC is actively engaging with major stock exchanges, including NYSE, Nasdaq, and Cboe, in crucial meetings to finalize discussions and gather feedback on Spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). This signifies a pivotal regulatory step, reflecting the SEC's commitment to comprehensive evaluation and potential impact on Bitcoin's integration into mainstream investments.

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