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Crypto Mining is prohibited on Microsoft servers.

  • Microsoft now explicitly prohibits cryptocurrency mining on its internet services.

  • Microsoft cautioned consumers about a new cryptocurrency-mining malware programme that might steal passwords, disable security measures, disseminate via email, and disable human-operated features.

Crypto Mining is pro

Microsoft changed its service terms last month to forbid bitcoin 

Mining without express written permission.

Microsoft has updated its policy terms to make it clear that using its internet services for cryptocurrency mining is not permissible without permission. All users, including Microsoft's premium subscribers, are eligible for the upgrade, which became effective in December.

Microsoft bans cryptocurrency mining

Users are prohibited from mining on Microsoft's web services, especially those linked to its Azure cloud platform, as a result of the upgrade. Verifying and adding transaction records to proof-of-work blockchains is the process of mining.

The updated terms of the universal license, which are listed on Microsoft's website under "acceptable use policy," contain the following, Without Microsoft's prior written consent, neither a customer nor others who use an Online Service through "Customer" may use an Online Service... to mine cryptocurrencies.

With this choice, Microsoft joins other large corporations, like Google, that ban the mining of cryptocurrency on their cloud systems without permission. Users of Amazon Web Services free tier are also not permitted to mine.

Services are disrupted by mining

Microsoft warned in a formal statement to the media that cryptocurrency mining frequently involves unauthorised access to and usage of customer accounts and can interrupt or even degrade Online Services and its customers.

A statement provided to Azure users cited the upgrade as one of many measures made to safeguard the partner ecosystem, which refers to partner businesses that assist in the registration of software clients for Azure's cloud services.

Mining Malware Is Increasing

Microsoft warned its customers about a new cryptocurrency-mining malware programme that was able to steal passwords, disable security safeguards, distribute via email, and eventually disable other features intended for human-operated activity.

The "LemonDuck" cryptocurrency mining virus was created to infect Windows and Linux-powered machines. Through phishing emails, exploits, USB drives, and brute force attacks, it spread over several countries, including India.

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