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Crypto News April 9: US Data Frenzy Sparks Crypto Turbulence

09-Apr-2024 By: Lokesh Gupta
Crypto News April 9:

Crypto surged in 24 hours, marking significant rise in value

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Crypto News Key Highlights:

  • A high-risk vulnerability in Telegram's desktop app, revealed by CertiK, prompts global concerns about user security. Users urged to disable auto-download for media files as a precautionary measure. Despite setbacks, Telegram's plans for Wall Street debut continue. Toncoin, linked to Telegram, sees a 17.38% price surge amid ongoing developments.

  • Tether is on the verge of finalizing its $500 million investment in Bitcoin mining, with a primary focus on decentralization and sustainability. CEO Paolo Ardoino highlights the company's commitment to renewable energy, particularly in Latin America. This strategic move coincides with the approaching Bitcoin Halving, which is anticipated to stimulate market expansion. Tether's proactive stance aims to capitalize on potential post-halving price surges, bolstering market stability.

  • Elon Musk admits financial errors and self-inflicted wounds in a court deposition amid backlash over false conspiracy promotion. Lawsuit accuses him of amplifying a fabricated theory, damaging Ben Brody's reputation. Musk concedes limited understanding of the case and acknowledges potential financial harm to X. Antisemitism lawsuits linger.

  • Big financial firms pursue SEC approval for Ethereum ETFs, uncertain after delays and doubts from VanEck and CoinShares CEOs. JPMorgan predicts eventual approval, despite skepticism. Ethereum's price rebounds, supply decreases, hinting at bullish trends, potentially pushing it towards $4,000.

  • Binance CEO Richard Teng reveals talks with multiple jurisdictions for potential headquarters at Paris Blockchain Week. Despite regulatory concerns, decision pending. Teng emphasizes commitment to compliance. Former CEO CZ's location remains undisclosed amid legal battles. Binance conducts due diligence on meme coins, addresses concerns. Efforts ongoing to release detained executive in Nigeria.

  • HashKey Group introduces HashKey Chain, entering Ethereum Layer-2 network. Utilizing ZK-proof tech for efficiency, it integrates HSK token to incentivize users. Developer-friendly, it offers diverse on-chain services. Strategic partnerships foster collaboration. HashKey Group also leads Hong Kong's ETF initiative, ensuring compliance and security. Testnet launch imminent.

  • Metaco, owned by Ripple, welcomes BCB Group's digital asset custody operations to its platform, aiming for compliance and security standards. BCB consolidates operations for scalability. The move enhances infrastructure, leveraging IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services, to optimize performance and ensure end-to-end security.

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