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24 Hrs Crypto Update, Mar 15: Crypto market has lost its momentum

Key Takeaways
  • According to the latest report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Producer Price Index (PPI) for final demand in the United States has decreased to 4.6% on a yearly basis in February, down from 5.7% in January. This figure is significantly lower than the market's anticipated rate of 5.4%, indicating a more favourable economic climate than previously expected
  • The prices of BTC, ETH, SOL and ADA showed losses in the last 24 hours
24 Hrs Crypto Update


Indices LTP Change (%)
BITCOIN $24398 2.23%
ETHEREUM $1647 3.77%

                                                                                                    CRYPTO STATS(24H) 

Indices VALUE Change (%)
MARKET CAP $1.11 T 3.10%

                                                                                                        Top 5 GAINER

Indices LTP Change (%)
ZOMBIE INU (OLD) $0.00000000025 964.24%
FUTURECOIN $0.37 461.07%
PANCAKE BUNNY $0.27 284.54%
RELEASE $0.0000083 221.73%
QUASH $0.0060 147.40%

                                                                                                          Top 5 Loser

Indices LTP Change (%)
POOLZ FINANCE $0.16 84.63%
STASIS EURO $1.07 39.98%
DEGIS $0.0078 37.57%
THE CHAMPCOIN $0.00069 33.49%
HALPDAO $0.000000051 26.07%

Over the past two and a half months,most major cryptocurrencies

 have experienced a bullish rally in January, followed by a correction in February, 

and have now entered a recovery phase in March. This three-phase price behaviour indicates a positive uptrend sentiment, where market participants are taking advantage of dip opportunities to accumulate assets.

Major Events Around the World

  • The emergence of cryptocurrency has ushered in a new era of financial independence and decentralization. However, it has also given rise to a new form of criminal activity: money laundering on the dark web. Criminals are now turning to cryptocurrencies to launder their illegally acquired funds, and law enforcement agencies are struggling to keep up with this trend. 

  • In February, US producer prices experienced an unexpected decline due to revisions made to the previous month's data. This suggests that certain sectors of the economy, which are still grappling with the highest inflation in decades, may experience a reduction in cost pressures.

  • The US banking crisis has sent shockwaves throughout the financial industry, leaving many wondering which banks will be the next to fall. The domino effect of this crisis has created a ripple effect that has impacted not only the banking sector but also the wider economy.

COINGABBAR Views: On Wednesday, the trading ranges for BTC and ETH diverged, indicating that investors hold contrasting views on the two most valuable cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization. This suggests that the market is experiencing a shift in sentiment towards these digital assets. The question on everyone's mind is whether BTC and ETH will surge again or if profit booking will be seen. We would love to hear your thoughts on this matter, so please feel free to share your views in the comment box below. As the world of cryptocurrency continues to evolve, it is important to stay informed and keep a close eye on market trends. For more information Stay tuned with us at

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Disclaimer: Crypto is not regulated and can offer considerable risks. There may be no regulatory remedies available in the event of any losses resulting from price analysis. As a result, before engaging in any transactions involving crypto products, each investor must perform in-depth examination or seek independent advice.

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