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How Crypto Will Affect the US Election for President in 2024

  • Cryptocurrencies and the US election: While the global cryptocurrency ecosystem is still overcoming local government restrictions, Americans seem to be coming to terms with cryptocurrencies. Blockchain experts say the ideal 2024 presidential contender should use crypto.

  • US lawmakers are increasingly supporting cryptocurrency. Before the 2024 presidential election, Chamber of Digital Commerce founder and CEO Perianne Boring revealed some important facts on cryptocurrency's influence in US politics.

05-Nov-2022 By: Rohit Tripathi
How Crypto Will Affe

Crypto US election: Voters in the US are progressively forming consensus as the global crypto economy begins to skirt regulation.

Impact of cryptocurrencies on the US election: While the global cryptocurrency ecosystem is only now beginning to overcome local government legislation, it seems that Americans are beginning to develop a consensus regarding cryptocurrencies. The perfect presidential candidate for 2024, according to blockchain specialists, should be able to take use of the crypto environment. Recent polls have amply demonstrated the growing significance of voter relevance to crypto attitude. According to estimates, 20% of American voters already own cryptocurrency.

The Political Environment of Crypto

This coincides with recent increases in support from US lawmakers for cryptocurrency. Perianne Boring, the founder and CEO of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, provided some insightful information about the role of cryptocurrency in the political climate of the United States in advance of the 2024 presidential elections. She told CNBC that currently, one in every five voters who are registered owns cryptocurrencies. She stated that people from opposing political parties are playing a bigger role in the cryptocurrency industry.

Your next president will be whoever wins the 2024 election and can use blockchain effectively. In 2024, cryptocurrency in US politics is likely to reach a turning point.

People who have invested in cryptocurrencies, some of whom are new voters, are now a crucial demographic, she said. However, the impact of cryptocurrency on US politics nationwide has not truly increased yet. There are currently only a few candidates who embrace cryptocurrency, but it seems the coming years could be quite important.

Political Acceptance of Crypto To Be Driven By Institutional Adoption?

While a portion of US lawmakers are actively working to promote cryptocurrency acceptance in the nation, corporate titans have already made progress in this area. The biggest asset manager, Blackrock, started providing cryptocurrency services to its clients earlier this year. Blackrock and Coinbase have joined to offer custody, cryptocurrency trading, and prime brokerage services to their clients.

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