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Bending Onto Advanced India With 10000 Wifi Hotspot By Dabba

Key Takeaways
  • The introduction of Dabba’s wifi hotspots is a breakthrough in the development.
  • Dabba has created an explorer tool that helps users search for data hotspots and view the network activity at the same time
  • Dabba's strategy has a new concept that has potential for the Solana blockchain
28-May-2024 By: Sakshi Jain
Bending Onto Advance

Dabba’s Initiative Toward Expansion, Targets 10000 Wifi Hotspots

Dabba, a leading company in the Depin (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network) industry has unveiled plans for a massive expansion to improve internet connectivity in parts of India with limited access to the internet. This massive plan includes installing 10000 new wifi hotspots worldwide, the majority of which will be in rural and semi-urban India. It is being launched as part of Dabba’s new service offering in the second season and along with the token generation event on the Solana blockchain in July.

What’s The News

The initiative taken by Dabba aims at bridging the huge gap of the digital divide in the country where even though millions of people are getting connected to the internet, still about 44% of the population is not connected to the internet. The new wifi hotspots will bring internet solutions that are required in areas with high data traffic, thus helping to connect the communities that have been previously excluded. This is not just about connecting people to the internet but more importantly about laying down the groundwork for future development through better connectivity.

Therefore, Dabba has created an explorer tool that helps users search for data hotspots and view the network activity at the same time. This tool can only be used for the Dabba testnet at the moment as it has been in operation for approximately two months. During this period, over 1,500 hotspots have been established, and over 15,000 devices have been connected, with more than 390 Terabytes of data utilized. This deployment is an example of how Dabba is interested in the digital divide and increasing access to internet connection in India.

Stepping Toward Development

The introduction of Dabba’s wifi hotspots is a breakthrough in the development. Dabba is fulfilling the need to bridge the digital gap that is responsible for the slow economic and social growth of the rural and semi-urban areas. Internet as a form of connection can dramatically alter education, healthcare, and the local economy, open new possibilities, and upgrade the standard of living.

Furthermore, Dabba’s concept adheres to the general initiatives of digital connectivity and participation that the Indian government has put forward. With the Depin technology, Dabba is encouraging the decentralization and common ownership of basic infrastructure. This model does not only help to set a reasonable price for Internet services but also involves locals in the management and development of the network.

Does It Impact Solana Blockchain?

Dabba introduces a new concept that has potential for the Solana blockchain. The next token generation event will be implemented with the vision of connecting Web3 with practical applications. Thus, Dabba’s approach to adopting the infrastructure first and introducing the native cryptocurrency afterward ensures that the services are built on real advantages before utilizing blockchain.

This strategy can also help in making Dabba and Solana more credible and popular among the users. Since more people and things will be connected to the Dabba network, the need for its token will also grow. This can lead to more activity on the Solana blockchain, which can prove its adaptability and speed. 


CoinGabbar views this news as a welcome development that will improve internet connection in India by installing 10000 new wifi hotspots worldwide. Dabba bridges the gap in digital access. This is not only beneficial for India’s development objectives but also showcases the application of Depin technology in developing decentralized and community-owned infrastructure. The next token-generating event to be conducted on the Solana blockchain is also a testament to the connection between physical infrastructure and blockchain. As Dabba continues expanding the range of its services, it is showcasing a perfect example of how new ideas can help millions of people gain access to digital services and contribute to the sustainable development of their communities.

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