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Data On Mixed Inflation Fails To Spark A Crypto Rally

Data On Mixed Inflat

Just recently, the August Producer Price Index was revealed.

The information reveals a change in producer prices of -0.1% MoM. It is also in line with most economists' estimates of PPI. The core PPI, on the other hand, displays a MoM change of 0.4% as opposed to the predicted 0.3%.

The price of cryptocurrencies has increased since the data was released. In the previous day, the values of both Bitcoin and Ethereum increased by 1%. The bulls had hoped for a stronger rally, but that has not happened.

The Importance Of Inflation Data For Crypto

For the cryptocurrency market, yesterday's CPI data announcement was bad news. The market may have overestimated the extent of inflation reduction, according to YoY inflation. For a massive hike, the Federal Reserve was already prepared. In contrast, the market started to factor in a 48% possibility of a 100 bps crypto hike after the poor inflation data.

The price change that producers receive for their goods and services is reflected in the producer price index. It is yet another inflationary indicator. Before deciding how to interpret the upcoming inflation figures, the Fed considers the PPI data. This PPI report might not, however, be sufficient to alter the Fed's position. A significant crypto influencer named @tedtalksmacro claims that the rise in PPI inflation may even be more concerning.

Important Fed officials supported pursuing an aggressive strategy to reduce inflation. The goal of raising the interest rate over 400 has the support of Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester. Traditional dove Neel Kashkari of the Minnesota Fed supported a Volcker-like posture. Fed president Paul Volcker increased interest rates to combat inflation, even at the expense of sending the country into recession.

How Likely Is Elon Musk's Deflation Prediction?

The PPI statistics failed to show signs of improvement in inflation, thus the Fed is prepared to raise interest rates significantly on September 21 at the next FOMC meeting. Elon Musk predicts that such a rise will result in deflation in the US economy.

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