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Pictory AI Converts Text Input Into Video Output

Key Takeaways
  • Pictory AI generates a video by analysing your text, identifying keywords and selecting images, video clips, graphics and music related to the text.
  • Pictory AI's interface provides the ability to highlight chapters and also features spell check.
  • Pictory AI also helps you save time by converting video and text material into short forms.
16-Jan-2024 By: Gunjan Sahu
Pictory AI Converts

Pictory AI Creates Videos by Converting Text Content into Short Form

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently making a lot of headlines out of which some are raising concerns regarding use of AI. AI is being used for generating images, making videos, creating content and many other things. Apart from India, many countries keep making similar new announcements on AI. Some new platforms are also creating their own programs by connecting with AI, which are gaining popularity by performing well due to their unique features. One of these is Pictory AI, which works to convert words into videos.

Pictory AI is a text-to-video platform that converts your written script, blog post or article into a great video. You just have to enter text in it, after this Pictory AI will do all the work itself. Pictory AI analyses your text to identify keywords, then selects images, video clips, graphics and music related to that text to generate stunning videos for you. Now you might be wondering how Pictory AI does all this so easily, so let us know. Actually, Pictory generates videos through AI. Various new innovations are also being made in AI, like recently India had said that it is going to use AI in predicting the weather. Pictory's library contains millions of images, video clips and music, which it matches with your words and produces an engaging video for you.

By Knowing the Features of Pictory AI, You Can Also Generate Videos

  • Pictory AI has many features that make it different from other AI video generators. Let us know about the features present in Pictory AI.

  • One of the best features of Pictory AI is its Script-To-Video Tool. It allows you to take a video script and convert it into a video.

  • Pictory AI's interface offers the ability to highlight chapters, provide spell check, and allow visual adjustments. Such as which words should be highlighted and which new words should be created based on the script.

  • Pictory AI's Article to Video tool works similarly to Script-to-Feature. Through this tool, instead of writing in the editor, users will paste a URL to create their video from the blog post, after which this tool of Pictory AI will extract the main message from the article and generate the script based on it and convert it into video.

  • Pictory AI integrates with traditional video editing software to develop the ability to understand its technology.

  • Pictory AI resizes videos for multiple social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Web.

  • Pictory AI's tools can be beneficial for users to use. In fact, this platform also allows you to use AI ChatBot like ChatGPT to generate scripts or write your own scripts.

  • Pictory AI also helps in saving your time by converting video and text material into short form. Pictory AI is also helpful in converting long videos of social media into attractive branded clips.

  • Pictory AI adds captions to increase viewing time

  • With 85% of social media videos watched muted, Pictory automatically adds captions, resulting in up to 12% more watch time.

Pictory AI logo Looks Like Octopus

Let us tell you that the logo of Pictory AI is designed on Octopus. Pictory AI used Octopus because Octopus is multi talented and changes colour. Pictory AI works on similar lines, that is why it has selected the logo of Octopus.

Many More Innovative Features will be Seen in Pictory AI in the Future

The founder and CEO of Pictory AI is Vikram Chalana, who launched the first version of Pictory AI in 2020 and since then it has been bringing new updates to it. Features like voice and text translation, video creation in different languages and live streaming will soon be seen in Pictory AI. According to CoinGabbar, Pictory AI is expected to further develop its content creation capabilities, allowing its users to discover new ways of doing things. Users of these future Pictory AI will be able to engage with the story world with the ability to listen to it in any language and enhance their experience.

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