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Elon Musk Demonstrates Game-Changing Self-Driving Tech

Key Takeaways
  • Musk envisions 10 million-strong Tesla fleet, emphasizing growth. FSD V12 demo impresses with learning from films, though safety concerns arise
  • FSD demo showcases film-based learning. Musk claims superhuman driving with minimal AI power, highlighting Tesla's innovation
  • Tesla links app with Apple Shortcuts for Siri-driven tasks on iPhones, showcasing streamlined approach beyond vehicles
28-Aug-2023 By: Sudeep Saxena
Elon Musk Demonstrat

Elon Musk's Vision: 10 Million Tesla Fleet with Superhuman AI Driving

The founder of Tesla and richest man in the world, Elon Musk, anticipates that the Tesla fleet will grow significantly over the next several years. He said that Tesla's fleet will grow to around 10 million vehicles in the near future. A recent test drive of a Model 3 car equipped with the complete self-driving software (FSD) beta V12 version by Elon Musk attracted millions of views after being live-streamed on X (previously Twitter). The effectiveness of Musk's FSD technology garnered notice on social media, claims Teslarati's report. While advocates lauded its enhancements, some disregarded its safety evidence.

American author and technology advocate Robert Scoble was one of few who realized the significance of the display. He described it as the first public demonstration of a robot that learnt to tour the world by only viewing films. In response, Musk claimed that the FSG V12 demo system only needed 100 watts of inference computation power on Tesla's AI computer.

According to the CEO, this level of power is adequate to enable superhuman driving. Musk underlined that having a massive fleet of vehicles and spending billions of dollars annually will be necessary to achieve superhuman driving with AI. In light of this, Musk said that Tesla presently has more than four million vehicles on the road with AI training capabilities.

The Tesla app may now be automated thanks to Apple Shortcuts. According to The Verge, Tesla users with iPhones may now utilize Siri to turn on Apple Shortcut automation without using a third-party program like Tesi. Users must say the name of the automation through the digital assistant from the iPhone manufacturer in order to use Siri with Shortcuts.

Although Elon is notorious for overestimating things, the notion of 10 million automobiles in Tesla's fleet is pretty plausible. After all, Tesla has now sold more than 4.4 million total units; thus, if the electric car manufacturer keeps expanding at present rate, a fleet size of 10 million vehicles may very well be attainable. 

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