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Elon Musk's 'X' logo Sparked Speculation among XRP Enthusiasts

Key Takeaways
  • Elon Musk's 'X' logo reveal amid Twitter's rebranding stirred excitement in the XRP community, sparking crypto discussions
  • Musk's retweet about ad revenue sharing led to questions about crypto payments on the 'X' platform
  • Despite the buzz, Musk's primary crypto focus remains on Bitcoin and Dogecoin, underscoring the speculative nature of crypto narratives
30-Jul-2023 By: Amogh Mishra
Elon Musk's 'X' logo

Unveiling of 'X' Logo Leaves Ripple Enthusiasts in Excitement

In a striking turn of events, Twitter's prolific overlord, Elon Musk, who's also a self-proclaimed Dogecoin enthusiast, sent the cryptocurrency space into an excitement with his latest Twitter rebranding announcement. The tech magnate, amidst the hustle of transforming Twitter into "X", presented a new "X" logo to his legion of followers, subtly stirring the sentiments of the XRP community.

The unveiling of the logo did not go unnoticed by crypto enthusiasts, particularly the XRP faithful, who were quick to latch onto the perceived similarity between the new "X" logo and that of their beloved cryptocurrency, XRP. Notably, an influential XRP-themed Twitter account, @XRPcryptowolf, responded by sharing the logo of the Ripple-affiliated coin, further fueling the growing speculation.

This remarkable confluence of designs has indeed sparked a wave of delight among the XRP community, with the XRP Army arguably the most euphoric group in the entire crypto space over Musk's rebranding maneuver. The new "X" logo triggered a torrent of memes across Twitter (now X), echoing the excitement around the surprising overlap of the logos.

In addition to the logo revelation, Musk retweeted a post from the "X" platform announcing the activation of ad revenue sharing for eligible creators worldwide. The initiative is designed to make "X" the ideal internet haven for creators to earn a living. Naturally, this ignited queries from crypto enthusiasts about the possibility of receiving payments in cryptocurrencies like XRP or Bitcoin, with the latter inquiry coming from the official account of US crypto exchange Kraken.

Recently, Musk acknowledged a podcast episode of The All-In Podcast which discussed Ripple's significant victory against the US securities regulator, the SEC. The court ruling in Ripple's favor has bolstered XRP's price by over 80% and instilled a sense of hope in the crypto realm that the SEC's power over US crypto companies and tokens could be checked.

Notably, despite the podcast's coverage of the Ripple case and Musk's retweet, there's no direct evidence to suggest that the Ripple case was Musk's primary interest. His crypto interests have largely revolved around Bitcoin and Dogecoin, with no explicit mention of XRP or the Ripple-SEC case in his frequent Twitter discourse.

That said, Musk's fascination with the meme-inspired DOGE is well-documented, with even his casual references to "dogs" interpreted as a nod towards Dogecoin by its ever-vigilant community. Also, his firm, Tesla, continues to hold onto a substantial portion of the Bitcoin it purchased back in February 2021, despite having sold around 75% of it last year due to environmental concerns.

Elon Musk's silence on XRP is intriguing, especially given his crypto proclivities. His recent rebranding move and the subsequent ecstasy of the XRP Army has sparked an interesting discourse about potential connections. However, without explicit endorsement or interest from Musk, it remains speculative at best.

While this saga has undoubtedly brought excitement to the XRP community, the intertwining of X's rebranding and the Ripple-SEC case points to the increasing interplay between tech giants, cryptocurrencies, and regulatory bodies. As this dynamic continues to evolve, one thing is certain - the crypto landscape is far from static, and Musk, with his penchant for disruption, is certainly a force to watch in this space.

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