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EU-UK Stands Divided Over Cryptocurrency Regulations; Here’s How

EU-UK Stands Divided

The global digital asset industry is experiencing turbulence as it seeks much-needed regulatory clarification. 

However, rumors indicate that the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK) are at odds over crypto-related legislation.

UK crypto regulations are not apt?

As per the report, the UK parliament is working on the financial services and markets bill. While the new Financial Conduct Authority regulation for high-risk investments is being developed. However, Europe has an agreement on markets in crypto assets (Mica) Regulations.

In the beginning, the UK intends to regulate only a few selected crypto assets and service providers. Meanwhile, EU's Mica covers a wide range of crypto assets. It is claimed that the UK is just getting started with lean digital settlement assets. Earlier, the United Kingdom presented legislation to regulate stablecoins used for payment.

Meanwhile, the European Union has a broad investment focus, which suggests that new crypto assets must be issued. It will also be responsible for providing outlines, such as white papers.

Will Mica save crypto investors?

According to the report, differences in UK and EU regulations extend to service providers. Because the UK will concentrate on fewer services like exchange and custody. On the other hand, the EU's Mica has a broader definition that includes trading, order transmission, and more. This includes custody and crypto-to-crypto transactions.

However, the United Kingdom intends to regulate crypto investment risk warnings. This phase will provide investors with a thorough grasp of the benefits and safeguards against crypto risks. However, investors may find the restrictions difficult to comprehend.

The new FCA guidelines are simple and designed to reduce risk. However, regulatory competence is critical since crypto assets will not be insured by deposit insurance or other schemes. Mica and the UK will hold service providers liable for custodial losses, including cyber assaults on digital wallets.

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