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Gemini Selects Ireland as European Base Amid US Crypto Challenges

Key Takeaways
  • Gemini, the popular cryptocurrency exchange founded by the Winklevoss twins, has chosen Dublin, Ireland as its European base.
  • They believe that Europe will experience significant crypto innovations once regulations are in place.
  • Dublin's strong regulatory system, talented workforce, and thriving technology community make it an attractive location for Gemini's expansion.
26-May-2023 By: Aditi Tiwari
Gemini Selects Irela

Gemini, a popular cryptocurrency exchange founded by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, has decided to establish its European base in Dublin, Ireland. 

They believe that once regulations are put in place, Europe will see a lot of exciting innovations in the world of cryptocurrencies. The Winklevoss twins chose Dublin because it has strong rules and regulations, a talented pool of people, and a thriving technology community.

Even though fewer people in Ireland currently own cryptocurrencies compared to before, Dublin is still an attractive place for crypto companies like Binance and Kraken, as well as many blockchain and fintech startups. Gemini already has an office in Dublin with 12 employees and received a license from the Central Bank of Ireland to provide virtual asset services. They plan to hire more people once the new regulations for crypto assets, known as Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA), are implemented across the European Union.

Cameron Winklevoss is hopeful about the future of the crypto industry in Europe. He expects to see a wave of new ideas and exciting developments once the regulations are in place. Having clear rules will create a strong foundation for the growth and advancement of cryptocurrencies.

Gemini's decision to choose Dublin as its European headquarters is part of its broader plan to expand globally. They recently announced their intention to establish an engineering hub in India to tap into the talented tech professionals there. This move comes at a time when the United States is increasing its scrutiny of crypto activities, which some people refer to as a "war on crypto." Gemini itself faced action from the Securities and Exchange Commission earlier this year for allegedly engaging in unregistered securities sales.

Gemini Expands to Dublin, Capitalizing on European Crypto Market

While Gemini still maintains offices in New York, their move into Dublin shows their interest in taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the European market. They recognize Ireland's supportive regulatory environment and the presence of a strong technology ecosystem, making Dublin an appealing choice for their expansion plans.

Gemini's selection of Dublin as their European base aligns with Ireland's focus on promoting innovation to drive economic growth. The Irish government actively supports technological advancements, and the presence of various crypto and fintech startups, along with established exchanges, further enhances the country's appeal as a hub for crypto businesses.

With their existing office and license in Dublin, Gemini is well-prepared to navigate the regulatory landscape in Ireland. The forthcoming MiCA regulations will provide a clear framework for operating within the European market, facilitating Gemini's expansion and growth.

Overall, Gemini's decision to establish its European base in Dublin reflects their confidence in Ireland's regulatory system and their belief in the potential for the crypto industry to thrive and bring exciting innovations to Europe.

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