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Google Becomes a PoS Validator for Tezos Blockchain Network

Key Takeaways
  • Google has become a validator for the Tezos blockchain network, furthering its commitment to the development of the blockchain industry
  • As a validator, Google will be responsible for verifying transactions on the Tezos network, helping to ensure its security and reliability
  • This move marks a major milestone for the Tezos network, as Google's involvement will help to bolster its credibility and trustworthiness
22-Feb-2023 By: Simran Mishra
Google Becomes a PoS

Tezos has announced a major partnership with Google Cloud, signing them up as a validator on its blockchain

The Tezos Foundation has joined forces with Google Cloud to expedite the creation of web3 applications on the Tezos blockchain. As part of this strategic partnership, Google Cloud - the cloud division of the renowned search engine giant Google - has agreed to act as a validator on the proof-of-stake Tezos blockchain, furthering the development of the platform.

The agreement seeks to enable Google Cloud's corporate customers to create and deploy Web3 applications on the Tezos blockchain using Google Cloud's infrastructure, as per a press release. 

This groundbreaking deal will provide businesses with the opportunity to leverage the power of Google Cloud's cutting-edge technology to develop and deploy applications on the Tezos blockchain, allowing them to take advantage of the blockchain's secure and reliable features.

By validating or baking on the Tezos network, Google Cloud will enable its corporate customers to contribute to blockchain development. Additionally, select startups incubated by Tezos will be eligible for Google Cloud credits and mentorship opportunities. This will provide these startups with the resources they need to further their growth and success.

James Tromans, Engineering Director of Web3 at Google Cloud, stated, "At Google Cloud, we are providing secure and reliable infrastructure for Web3 founders and developers to innovate and scale their applications. We are excited to bring the dependability and scalability of Google Cloud to power Web3 applications on Tezos, enabling them to reach their full potential."

This is not Google Cloud's first foray into the blockchain space. Last September, it agreed to run a validator node on the Ronin Network, a gaming-centric Ethereum sidechain. Subsequently, a month later, it launched a blockchain node-hosting engine for Ethereum developers, providing them with a powerful platform to build and deploy their applications.

This move has enabled developers to take advantage of the scalability and security of the Ethereum blockchain, allowing them to create innovative and secure applications.

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