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Hacker Appeals for Civil Talks After $47M Kyberswap Heist

Key Takeaways
  • Hacker hits Kyberswap, a decentralized exchange, stealing $47 million in a cyberattack
  • An unidentified hacker asks for a more civil negotiation after facing hostility from Kyberswap. The message includes a conditional ultimatum, adding suspense
  • Kyberswap heist sparks discussions on changing negotiation dynamics in decentralized finance, potentially reshaping future interactions and emphasizing security vulnerabilities
30-Nov-2023 By: Simran Mishra
Hacker Appeals for C

Hacker Urges Polite Talks Amid Kyberswap Decentralized Exchange Heist

The hacker responsible for the recent $47 million heist on Kyberswap, a decentralized exchange (DEX), is making an appeal for a more civil negotiation process. The cyberattack, which occurred five days ago, targeted Kyberswap Elastic, the platform's market maker, resulting in a substantial loss for the decentralized finance (DeFi) trading platform.

The hacker, who remains unidentified, has expressed disappointment in the hostile reception received from Kyberswap executives, employees, token holders, and liquidity providers. In a public statement shared on social media, the hacker revealed, "I said I was willing to negotiate. In return, I have received (mostly) threats, deadlines, and general unfriendliness from the executive team. That’s ok, I don’t mind."

Despite the unconventional nature of this call for courtesy, the crypto community has shown interest in the potential for a more diplomatic resolution. Social media discussions are alive with suggestions for a professional negotiator to step in, emphasizing the need for a strategic and humane approach to resolving the situation.

Hacker's Ultimatum – Negotiate or Face Nov. 30 Consequence

The hacker's message, carefully crafted, includes a conditional ultimatum: "Under the assumption that I am treated with further hostility, we can reschedule for a later date when we all feel more civil. You need only say the word. If not, we proceed as planned on Nov. 30. Thank you." This adds an aspect of suspense, leaving the Kyberswap team at a crossroads –  balancing the necessity of addressing the criminal act and attempting to engage the hacker in negotiations under friendly terms.

The incident is sparking discussions within the crypto community about the evolving dynamics of negotiations in a space known for its decentralized and often disorderly nature. Should this unconventional negotiation approach prove successful, it could set a model for future interactions between hackers and targeted platforms, introducing a new layer of complexity to the ever-evolving world of DeFi.

As the crypto world eagerly awaits the outcome on November 30 at Noon UTC, the Kyberswap heist has underscored vulnerabilities in decentralized exchanges' security. Additionally, it introduces a potential shift in the dynamics of negotiations between hackers and their targets. This unusual event has left industry experts and enthusiasts thinking about the broader consequences and potential changes to the landscape of decentralized finance. 

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