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Hackers Offer to Sell Belarus President Lukashenko’s Passport as a NFT

04 Sep 2022 By: Ashish Sarswat
Hackers Offer to Sel

Anti-government hackers attempted to sell an NFT 

of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko's passport. Members of the 'Belarusian Cyber Partisans' group claim to have gotten all of the country's passport data.

A hacking group known as the 'Belarusian Cyber Partisans' boasted of getting access to a government database containing the passport details of every person of Belarus, including high-ranking officials such as the country's long-term president, Alexander Lukashenko.

The hackers have distributed a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) dubbed "Passports of Belarusians," which is alleged to contain the passport information of the country's president and close allies. The group then attempted to list the collection on the prominent NFT marketplace Opensea, but it was withdrawn as a breach of the platform's guidelines.

On Twitter, the group announced that the NFTs will be released on August 30, Lukashenko's birthday. "Help us wreck it for him," they beg followers, while also promoting a "special offer" to get a passport with a photo of "the tyrant... behind bars... while he's still alive."

In another tweet, the hacktivist group claims to have put the passports of Lukashenko's closest cronies and traitors to the people of Belarus and Ukraine up for sale. Its members guarantee that any cash received will be used to help "our activities in targeting brutal regimes in Minsk and Moscow."

However, some in the crypto world have questioned the veracity of the identity documents, according to a report by the Russian crypto news site It refers to an error on the first page of Lukashenko's passport, as well as an English misspelling of his first name.

'Belarusian Cyber Partisans' has been attacking the Eastern European nation's Lukashenko-led administration for its logistical and other support for Russia's invasion of neighboring Ukraine. For example, it claimed credit for a cyberattack on the Belarusian train system and demanded that Russian forces leave the country.

The hacker group has raised funds in cryptocurrencies to support its efforts. According to research published in early February by blockchain analytics firm Elliptic, before Russia initiated its "special military operation" in Ukraine, Belarusian cyber insurgents were able to collect $84,000 in BTC in the previous six months.

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