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Huobi Employees Should Accept Crypto Payments: Report

  • Huobi Exchange is reportedly paying employees in USDT/USDC instead of fiat currency. Rejecting the payment choice may result in termination.

  • At the end of the month, several sources stated that Huobi would lay off many people. 600–800 staff will replace 1,200.

05-Jan-2023 By: Divya Behl
Huobi Employees Shou

Protests have been started because Justin

Sun's Huobi Exchange requires its staff to receive payment in USDT/USDC rather than fiat money.

A report claims that Huobi Exchange is requiring its staff to take pay in USDT/USDC rather than fiat money. Additionally, it is said that they risk being fired if they reject the payment option. Employees are being informed of this by the HR department. The employees' protests against the company have been provoked by this decision.

Has Huobi announced any layoffs?

Several sources reported at the end of the previous month that Huobi is getting ready to lay off a significant number of employees. One thousand and two hundred staff will be reduced to between 600 and 800. Senior officials' compensation will be decreased and year-end bonuses have been rejected.

Justin Sun's tweets are contradictory.

Despite this circulating information, Justin Sun tweeted on December 29 that he was employing more people. He mentioned the value of diversity in the workplace in his tweet and announced that he will be recruiting women. In discussing this, he made reference to "a more balanced and equitable workplace."

Wrote on Huobi website

A varied staff, according to him, brings new ideas and viewpoints to the table. outperforming homogeneous firms as a result. He added that the crypto industry has much to give to all fields.

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