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LastPass Hack Drains $4.4 Million from Crypto Holders

Key Takeaways
  • LastPass Hack affected the crypto wallet holder’s security as a $4.4 Million hack was witnessed by the wallet holders.
  • LastPass is a password manager that is used by crypto wallet holders to store credentials and is widely used.
  • Trezor T model hardware crypto wallet was hacked by a startup named Unciphered. This is a similar hack as LastPass.
28-Oct-2023 By: Gunjan Sahu
LastPass Hack Drains

LastPass Hack Led to Draining from Crypto Account Holders

The LastPass hack led to the draining of $4.4 million from over 25 victims on 25 October due to a vulnerability in the security management system. This hack targeted LastPass password management system users, resulting in unauthorised access to accounts. The theft of seed phrases and wallet keys, affecting crypto owners deeply integrated into the crypto ecosystem. LastPass faced a lawsuit for failing to protect user data in the past by the US District Court of Massachusetts. The cybercriminals behind the attack appear to have specifically targeted seed phrases.

What is LastPass Hack: in Detail Knowledge

LastPass is a password manager that is widely used. It provides users with a secure place to store their login credentials. The LastPass hack mainly refers to the security scrutiny where the credentials and data stored in the LastPass account of users were accessed by unauthorised individuals. Previously this year, many crypto wallet holders raised the issue of losing a large sum of their crypto wallets and keys that they stored in the LastPass accounts.

Trezor T also Faced a Crypto Wallet Hack 

A similar hack was encountered in the past where the crypto wallet was hacked by affecting the security of data and cryptocurrency holders. The hardware crypto wallet’s security has urged as the crypto data security firms are not secure. Trezor T model hardware crypto wallet was hacked by a startup named Unciphered. This hack was aimed at extracting the wallet's mnemonic seed phrase or private key. This shows that cybersecurity and protection from hackers is necessary for crypto wallet holders and various crypto-related firms. The industry is facing security issues in providing secure places for the cryptocurrency holders and their holdings.

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