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Longer-term BTC investor losses have dropped to two-year lows.

Longer-term BTC inve

Longer-term BTC investor losses have dropped to two-year lows.

Long-term Bitcoin investors are starting to see losses similar to those seen in prior downturn markets, and expect the suffering will continue, if not worsen.

Long-term Bitcoin investors are facing their worst losses since the March 2020 capitulation and the 2018-2019 bear market, but they may have to wait for respite for a while longer.

The total realised losses from long-term holders (LTH) of Bitcoin (BTC) exceeded 0.006% of the market capitalization, as calculated by calculating the value of coins put to exchanges.

However, if historical loss patterns from previous bear markets are reproduced, the huge losses may continue for some time. LTH losses peaked at 0.015 percent of the market cap between 2018 and 2019, and they lasted for almost a year. Losses to long-term investors have only been noted for roughly a month. LTH refers to a coin holder who hasn't moved their coins in at least 155 days. Anyone who acquired Bitcoin before December 2019 will, however, still be in the black... for the time being.

It's also worth noting that prices bounced back quickly from their lows in both 2019 and 2020. On Tuesday, CoinGabbar predicted that a capitulation event will occur before any major price recovery could occur.

Despite the bearish price prognosis, inflows to digital asset investment products like Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) surpassed $100 million last week. The majority of the inflows were from the Americas, according to CoinShares' June 6 report, implying that European investors are still negative.

The discrepancy in exchange flows between BTC and Ethereum was brought up (ETH). So far, BTC exchange inflows have totaled around $505 million, whilst ETH exchange outflows have totaled $354 million. This shows that ETH's market sentiment is currently substantially lower than BTC's.

According to CoinGabbar, bitcoin prices have dropped 5.31 percent in the last 24 hours, trading at $29,557. Ethereum is down 6.77 percent in the same time frame, trading at $1,756 after losing 35% in the previous month.

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