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Maxity, A Blockchain Application Empowering Charity and NGOs

Key Takeaways
  • Maxity utilises Web3 and Blockchain Technology to assist charities and NGOs in achieving their goals.
  • Maxity stands out as one of the first dedicated NFT markets for fundraising, allowing charities to design, develop, and sell NFTs.
  • The primary objective of Maxity is to leverage technology for the betterment of the world, inviting charities worldwide to contribute towards fulfilling this goal.
19-Dec-2023 By: Gunjan Sahu
Maxity, A Blockchain

Maxity Shows Dedication Towards Building Just Society

Maxity is a blockchain application dedicated to contributing to the 17 Sustainable Development Targets in the US. With a global network of 260,000 charities and NGOs committed to creating a Just Society, Maxity supports these organisations in achieving their targets. Utilising Web3 and Blockchain Technology, Maxity aims to fulfil the goals of each donation, fostering a fair, transparent, and efficient transaction ecosystem.

In addition to its commitment to transaction integrity, Maxity actively engages in the innovation and development of blockchain technology to aid charities and NGOs in achieving their objectives. Through Maxity, several charities and NGOs are developing and expanding their reach globally.

Maxity stands out in fundraising by being one of the first dedicated NFT markets for charities. This unique market allows charities to design, develop, market, and sell NFTs, with the proceeds going towards their cause. Maxity encourages charities, NGOs, and NFT designers to explore and redesign underlying environmental and social issues deeply, motivating them to recreate these in NFTs.

NFTs can be arranged in collections, providing donors the flexibility to choose purchases from different collections or strategically complete their own collection. Notably, around 98% of the initial selling value of NFTs goes directly into direct donations. NFT owners can resell their NFTs on the Maxity marketplace. The Royalty fee, determined as a percentage of the selling value, goes to the charity, ensuring ongoing support for their cause.

Working Mechanism of Maxity 

Maxity NFT for Charities:

Maxity is a marketplace that facilitates relationships between individuals and charitable causes through NFTs, dedicated to charities and NGOs supporting the 17 Sustainable Development Targets in the US.

Replacing Traditional Acknowledgments:

Maxity introduces modern replacements for traditional fundraising acknowledgments, such as NFT Badges and Ribbons, within the NFT marketplace.

Engagement Opportunities:

For NFT organisations, Maxity offers new ways to connect with donors. It guides charities throughout the entire NFT lifecycle, providing a comprehensive solution from conception to execution.

Revenue Generation:

By leveraging the benefits of NFT fundraising, Maxity enables charities to generate revenue and tap into related streams. Additionally, it hosts NFT charity programs for digital art, contributing to fund creation for further advancement.

Blockchain and Expansion:

Maxity's NFT marketplace operates on the Polygon Blockchain, with plans to transition to Ethereum post a November upgrade. The marketplace utilises smart contracts and front-end dApps, adhering to the ERC-721 standard for NFTs. The value of NFTs on Maxity is aligned with the currency metrics of the Polygon Blockchain.

Maxity Utilises Blockchain Technology

Maxity utilises Blockchain Technology to establish a transparency platform for the charity sector. The platform ensures transparency in receiving donations and managing expenses for project work. Charities registered on the Blockchain can record project activities, providing donors with clear information about fund utilisation and building trust.

Maxity Providing a Decentralized Support Ecosystem

Maxity collaborates with Artist DAO and Charity DAO to provide assistance in design help, marketing, and fundraising. It leverages DeFi products like Mekaswap for protocol fund management and ensures detailed financial reporting and disclosure on the Blockchain.

Building the Symbiotic Metaverse

Maxity is constructing the Symbiotic Metaverse, comprising 7 continents, mirroring the real world, with 100,000 virtual asset lands. This revolutionary innovation focuses on establishing a virtual community entirely intertwined with humanity.

To ensure a fair and just society in the Symbiotic Metaverse, Maxity introduces the Volunteer and Reward Model (V2R), enabling low-income individuals to access the virtual world by earning hardware tools.

Maxity's Metaverse Technical Stack

Avatar NFT: Customizable avatars created by Artist DAO empower users to complete charitable tasks and events.

Virtual Lands: Maxity showcases diversity in land values across its 7 continents and 100,000 lands, emphasising customization and location-based pricing.

Cryptocurrency: MAX Coin (ERC-20) incentivizes Metaverse transactions through central MAX governance and MAXI V&R tokens.

Metaverse Technical Stack: Essential technology supporting NFT integration, cryptocurrency transactions, and decentralized social activities.

Unique Features of Maxity

Maxity's goal is to use technology for global good, inviting charities worldwide to connect and create NFT collections on the platform. Charities and interested parties can earn Max tokens, participate in Maxity governance, and contribute to voting by acquiring Max tokens through exchanges or engaging in Maxity-established DAO.

In conclusion, Maxity aims to revolutionise the digital landscape by integrating technology with charity, fostering a symbiotic relationship in the Metaverse. Through its innovative technical stack and unique features, Maxity paves the way for a more inclusive and just virtual community.

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