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Microsoft Unveiled a Diffusion Model for Creating 3D Avatars

  • Microsoft has unveiled Rodin, a generative model for creating 3D avatars.

  • The AI module creates highly detailed avatars that can be viewed in 360 degrees and altered after they are created.

  • As per reports, the 3D avatar can be utilized to create a virtual reality or augmented reality experience.

19 Jan 2023 By : COIN GABBAR
Microsoft Unveiled a

Microsoft developed a diffusion model capable of converting a single 2D image of a human face into a 3D avatar. The diffusion model was developed by a team of Microsoft Research experts.

The 3D avatar can be utilized to create a virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) experience. It can also be used to provide a realistic 3D image of the individual for gaming or other reasons.

3D Avatar Based on a Machine Algorithm

The 3D Avatar Diffusion is based on a machine-learning approach known as a diffusion model. Diffusion models, like generative models, can generate new data that is comparable to the training data. 

The ADM is the first diffusion model capable of producing a realistic 3D avatar from a single 2D image. However, diffusion models have previously been used to produce 3D images from 2D images.

The researchers employed a dataset of over 200,000 3D face models to train the model. The faces in the dataset have a diverse spectrum of skin tones, hairstyles, and facial features. After that, the ADM was able to generate a realistic metaverse from a single 2D image. However, once you understand the connection between the 2D image and the 3D face model.

Autonomous 3D Avatars produced via generative models

This study proposed a 3D generative model for the automated creation of 3D digital avatars. However, they are represented as neural radiance fields using diffusion models. 

The prohibitive memory and processing that need to be associated with 3D make it difficult to generate the complex features required for high-quality avatars. Developers recommend the roll-out diffusion network (Rodin) to overcome this problem.

Earlier, Bill Gates announced that his previous company was working on Teams office software with 3D avatars and other metaverse-friendly capabilities. 

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