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Elon Musk Takes on SEC Over Twitter Oversight

Key Takeaways
  • Musk challenges SEC over Tesla tweets, deeming oversight a free speech violation.
  • Musk contends SEC deal imposes unconstitutional conditions, limiting his speech.
  • Supreme Court battle signals Musk's determination to reshape corporate communication boundaries.
08-Dec-2023 By: Prayag Sen
Elon Musk Takes on S

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Wants To Overturn Settlement With the SEC

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is taking a bold step, telling the Supreme Court that he wants to change a settlement with the SEC. This settlement says someone must check his Tesla-related tweets. Musk says this "Twitter sitter" provision is against his free speech rights. claiming he was compelled into accepting "unconstitutional conditions" by the SEC. The petition seeks relief from the agreement. 

Highlighting Musk's objection to external scrutiny of his social media communications related to the Tesla Musk's lawyers say this deal makes him face threats of trouble, fines, or even going to jail. They also say it stops him from freely talking, even if what he says is true.

Musk is not happy with the SEC and says he was forced into this deal, and claimed banks threatened to withdraw support for Tesla if he didn't settle, describing it as "sticking a gun to your child's head."

Supreme Court is Elon Musk’s Last Hope

Elon Musk is trying to change the deal with the SEC about his tweets. The Supreme Court is his last hope after a circuit court said no. Legal experts call it a big gamble. Musk needs four out of nine justices to agree to hear his case. This challenge focuses on Musk's claim of unconstitutional conditions. This is usually about the government giving benefits, so it's unique in this case.

Musk and Mark Cuban have challenged SEC's trials without juries in the past. Musk also faced SEC scrutiny for buying Twitter in 2022, now called X, over possible law breaches in the deal.

Elon Musk Challenging the SEC About His Tesla’s Tweet

Elon Musk is challenging a deal with the SEC that monitors his tweets about Tesla, claiming it violates his free speech rights. He wants the Supreme Court to change this settlement, stating it imposes "unconstitutional conditions." Musk argues the agreement restricts his speech, subjecting him to threats of trouble or fines, even for truthful statements. 

The petition is his effort to remove these oversight conditions, highlighting his disagreement with external review of his social media posts related to Tesla. Musk contends he was pressured into the deal and revealed banks threatened Tesla's support if he didn't settle. Now, with the Supreme Court as his last hope, Musk aims to reshape the boundaries of corporate communication.

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