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New AI Tool 'Charm' Guides Surgeons to Treat Aggressive Brain Tumors

Key Takeaways
  • AI tool Charm assists in treating brain tumors by analyzing images and predicting tumor characteristics
  • Charm provides fast information on genetic profiles, malignancy, and aggressiveness, helping doctors make treatment decisions
  • The development of Charm contributes to the use of AI in enhancing cancer care and improving outcomes
08-Jul-2023 By: Simran Mishra
New AI Tool 'Charm'

AI Tool 'Charm' Helps Doctors to Speed Up Brain Tumor Treatment

Scientists have created a special computer program called Charm (Cryosection Histopathology Assessment and Review Machine) that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help doctors treat aggressive brain tumors. This tool can quickly analyze pictures of tumors and predict important information about them.

Currently, it takes doctors days or even weeks to figure out the genetic makeup of these tumors. But Charm can do it much faster. Even though it may not be as accurate as genetic tests right now, it can still give doctors a good idea of what the tumor is like. This helps them decide on the best treatment without having to do more surgeries, which saves a lot of time.

Charm can also tell the difference between tumors that are cancerous (malignant) and those that are not (benign). It can even determine how aggressive the tumor is. These are things that human doctors usually figure out during surgery. But with Charm, doctors might not have to wait for someone to look at the tumor under a microscope during the operation.

One type of brain tumor called Glioma, especially a very aggressive kind called Glioblastoma, is really dangerous. If it's not treated, people can die in less than six months. Sadly, only 17% of people with glioblastoma live longer than two years, according to a group of brain surgeons.

To make Charm, the scientists taught a computer program how to look at pictures of brain tumors and predict what they are like. They tested Charm on real patients and found that it was better than other computer programs at figuring out the tumor's genetic profile.

When surgeons operate on brain tumors, they often need to know what the tumor is like to make important decisions. They might need to remove more tissue or use special medicine on the tumor. Right now, it takes a long time to get this information. But with Charm, doctors can get it quickly and make better decisions.

This new AI tool is a big step forward in using computers to help with cancer treatment. Other computer programs have also been developed to help doctors diagnose and treat different kinds of cancer, like pancreatic, lung, and breast cancer. These tools can make a big difference in fighting cancer and helping more people survive this disease. 

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