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Enhance Your Gaming Experience with NFT-Strike, Earn Cryptocurrency

Key Takeaways
  • By getting involved in Counter-Strike NFTs, you can make your gaming experience thrilling and earn income through cryptocurrency.
  • In the game NFT-Strike, players utilise Hash Rate equivalent Power Units (HP) in cryptocurrency mining.
  • In the NFT-Strike game, players are provided with various features, one of which includes leasing their power units.
28-Nov-2023 By: Gunjan Sahu
Enhance Your Gaming

NFT-Strike Gaming Platform is Utilising Blockchain Technology

Currently, various types of games exist in the gaming market, each attempting to distinguish itself through advancements and innovative features. Several Web3 gaming platforms are striving to make themselves more advanced with the help of blockchain technology, aiming to benefit users digitally in these games. One such game is NFT-Strike, which not only enhances your gaming experience but also provides an opportunity to earn income through the use of blockchain technology.

NFT-Strike Game will Make Gaming Experience Enjoyable

NFT-Strike brings you an exciting game operated by Proxima Lab Game. Additionally, NFT-Strike is the first game product from Proxima Lab Game Limited. This game merges with the blockchain technology of Counter-Strike 1.6. Through this merger, gamers get the opportunity to convert their skills into cryptocurrency earnings. Furthermore, it allows you to become the owner of virtual assets with real value and even transform your gaming passion into profit. Therefore, connect with NFT-Strike games to enhance your gaming experience and fulfil your gaming aspirations even more.

How can you earn in the NFT-Strike game?

In the NFT-Strike game, players use Power Units (HP) equivalent to hash rate in cryptocurrency mining. These power units determine how many tokens a player can earn. It is worth noting that the more power units you have, the higher the likelihood of earning more tokens for each in-game kill.

For example, if you don't have any extra power units, you will only earn 1 token per kill. On the other hand, if you have 10 power units, you can earn 10 tokens per kill.

If a player actively participates in the game and deposits their power units, they can develop their capacity to earn tokens with the help of it. This allows players to not only make their gaming experience entertaining but also leverage it to earn cryptocurrency.

Features Present in NFT-Strike Create an Exciting Gaming Experience

Leasing Power Units Feature: The main factor of this game is that if a player doesn't have time to play, they can lease their power units to another player. The player who leases these power units can increase their token income and progress further in the game stages.

The ability to buy and sell weapons on NFT-Strike Markets: In NFT-Strike, players have the opportunity to buy and sell weapons and character models on our markets, elevating their gaming experience to a different level. With the help of these weapons and character models, players can choose and achieve a new position in the game according to their playstyle.

NFT-Strike prioritises the complete attention of investors and players: In NFT-Strike, we will burn 25% of the tokens sold, resulting in an increase in the remaining token's value. By doing so, there is an increased likelihood of growth in investment value for both investors and players. Additionally, players and investors can expect returns on their investment within an average of 5-8 months after investing in Power Units.

What is special about Counter-Strike that makes it unique?

We have created a collection of 2500 units of NFTs on Counter-Strike, which is highly popular within the Counter-Strike community. Players can engage in purchasing, selling, and trading these NFTs on our market. This NFT collection adds a layer of opportunity for players, allowing them to showcase their dedication in the game as NFT owners. Additionally, players are granted permission to earn value for in-game achievements and assets in the virtual world. The feature provided on Counter-Strike NFT not only makes the gaming experience enjoyable for players but also introduces a new way of earning through their gaming experiences.


Participants who enjoy Counter-Strike will experience a fun and engaging gameplay in this game, along with opportunities to innovate on the classic game-based concepts. NFT-Strike opens up immense possibilities in its future features. The features present in the game will benefit both players and investors. Furthermore, while NFT-Strike is currently in its initial phase, there are possibilities for further updates and enhancements in the future.

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